Monday, December 13, 2010

Merry Monday!

Seasons Greetings my Blog land Friends! I just this weekend cruised around the blog world visiting so many amazing, creative and oh so talented blogs to see what you all have been doing by way of Christmas decorating.

It is truly my favorite time of year to go visiting blogs because the talents of people really seem to shine through more so during this season than any other. Wow!!
In my travels around the world visiting new and familiar blogs, I did notice that there are a number of people who have confessed to having a hard time getting into the Christmas Spirit of the season. I can relate. It shows in my Christmas decorating this year as well. Rather on the slim and quiet side, unlike my usual splash from the front yard, throughout the house all the way out to the back yard. I finally perfected the blended Christmas decorating, if you will, of my everyday decorating being enhanced with the complimentary Christmas decorations.  This year has not been as full and enhanced for a number of reasons. But I truly have enjoyed the lavish abundance of all of your blogs displaying your Christmas decorating! Stunning, just stunning! 
I am trying to keep my focus on the true reason for the season and am encouraged by so many of you who are as well.  Last Sunday our church service was hosted by the Children's Choir. It was nothing short than absolutely amazing!! The children really captured the focus of the reason for the season and what a delivery they had for the rest of us! It really was a soul lifter that had me rejoicing for the real meaning of the season. 

Our weather has taken an unusual turn for this time of the year. We've already had snow 3 or 4 times. Yesterday it finally stuck and turned into an icy mess! We don't usually have this kind of brutal freezing wind and snow AND ice until February! The great thing about it though, is that for the first time in many, many Christmases, hot chocolate and dessert coffee is a welcomed touch to the Christmas season- in front of a blazing fire.
So on that note, I shall leave you with warm wishes, much love and appreciation for all of you!



  1. Pretty decorations Ellen~~~Thanks for stopping by!
    Hope you have a blessed week...time is flying by! I have so much to do before the holiday...

    Trying to enjoy every day and count it all Joy~~~ no matter what!


  2. Oh it is so nice to hear from you... And I hope you are feeling better.. I have had a cold for 3 wks now.. didnt even get to hold my grandson for the first week..not that is torture ....
    I love your decorations..that doily you have the snow man on.. I have one just like it...see I knew we were sisters from
    Well love ya friend.. And hope your health continues to improve..and soooo glad to hear from you again.. Love ya.. talk to ya soon
    Blessings on you and your family...


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