Thursday, January 27, 2011

Playing inside today

Yesterday we awoke to find more of this outside, yeah for us...
So the Mr. stayed home to work, yeah for me.....
There is just something about when he is home, it's as if a child is hanging on my hip again... There is so much I could say here, but really, you know.....
Moving on....

Have I ever told you I have a fabric addiction? Well, I do and have had for as long as I can remember. There has to be a support group for addicts like me. I just can't seem to resist fabulous fabrics and linens.
I have a linen closet packed to the rafters with great linens. I have a shelf packed with fabrics. I have a locker basket packed with fabrics. I have fabrics spread out in the guest room. I have an addiction.

I've always loved French Toile Fabrics. Something about the story that the pictures tell and make me wonder about. This fabric combination is for my latest box I made. I had the inspiration from a client who wanted something very similar, so as I was making hers, I was planning my own. 

Yep, that's really burlap mixed with the French Toile fabric. I love it. It actually turned out slightly different than I envisioned, but better too. By the way, have I told you I "make" the boxes? Actual tablesaw cut, luann, measurements, and all? Well, I do. These are not cardboard or paper mach e boxes. These are challenging little wood boxes that I get a thrill out of covering with many fabrics and dressing up.

I have a small collection of the French Toile going on lately.. more than usual, is a better way of putting it. I love to mix the different prints and kinds of fabric to make an unexpected yet winning combination. 

I have this tan toile on my bedroom curtains mixed with a burlap fabric. It looks great. To bad I can't get a decent picture to show ya', sorry. 

The toile is popping up all over the house since I've been housebound thanks to the weather. I'll bet that the Mr. will be glad when it is decent outside and I can go OUT to play ;))

But until then, I'll have to entertain myself with all of this fabric loveliness.

I'll show you later the latest fabric project I've been working on. It has ruffles, toile, 'n all.... ;))
Have a great day Girls,


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Checking my list

Good Morning Girls!!! Can you believe the date for today?? Only a month ago,.... oh my.

While I was having my morning coffee and mentally making my to do list, I was staring outside to the now usually gray wet dreariness of the day that I'm becoming used to seeing. In my estimate, I have calculated that we have about another 10 weeks to go until Spring springs! Yeah!

First things first: A Huge Welcome to all of my newest peoples' that have joined the Wall of the Beautiful and Chic!!!! HI!! I am so glad to have your company and look forward to your many visits back!

Time has once again slipped past me in these last few days, but I have it on my to-do list to be sure and get around to each of you who have stopped in for a visit and signed on the Wall.

I have to confess that I have enjoyed reading all of your comments more than opening Christmas gifts! I can tell that you are all generous of heart & special in your own uniqueness.  So I am looking forward to visiting you and being in awe of more of your talents!

How do you like my chandelier? It's amazing to me how Daddy will answer even the simplest, unspoken hope that we hold deep in our hearts.

A few years ago now, I had been drooling over all the chandeliers in other peoples' blogs and in magazines, but never really thought I'd have one of my own. It was just one of those quiet hopes, ya' know what I mean? Then one Friday morning, I literally stumbled across a estate sale of which was under the supervision of only one of the homeowners children. (Note: the said homeowner was and is very much alive. She just packed and moved only what she wanted and left the rest of her many, many things for her 3 adult children to divide, sale and deal with. Oh yeah, she went to vacation on a sunny beach while this estate sale was happening!).  I happen to be the very first person to this under advertised sale.
 Which was more than ok with me and he as I pretty much cleaned them out! This little beaut was on the far backside of a heaping table and I kept looking at it. I honestly thought the man was going to quote some outrageous price for it when I finally asked "how much". But instead, he seemed annoyed as he told me he trashed it until his wife yelled at him to dig it out and sell it. I got it for ..... $2.00 and it works! Well, it did work.  I painted it white & hung it in the trees in my backyard that year and had candles in it. It is really pretty, especially with the candle light glowing through the crystals.

It now hangs unwired in a corner of my bedroom and is one of the first things I see every morning. Rather fitting reminder of the beauty of Daddy's promises. He is a Promise Keeper and He promised that He delights to give us the desire of our hearts. So I wonder just how Delighted He was and is to have given me something that I see everyday and it provokes me to say a simple heartfelt, Thank You because I know He hears the quietness of my heart when no one else hears me.

I'm just sayin'.

Well, here's a sneak peak at what I've been up to in this past week. Well, at least one thing anyway. I was about town last week, in between snow
 flakes ;o and saw a few handtowels that I really liked with it's nice trim 'n all. Because I just can not bring myself to pay extortion higher prices for what I can do for myself, I promptly set about to make my own. Wanna see? ok!

My bath is sage, cream, white and purple. Yes, purple :) I took the colors of nature a few years ago to figure out what color to compliment the sage green tiles that we are not replacing as they are original to our 1951 home.

Not to bad, huh? You may recognize the green dotted trim as being the same fabric that is on my Baby Girls' Baby Memory Box from last week 'cause it is the same fabric. It was the perfect shade to compliment the bath. Love it!

Well, I've got to get going, lot's to do and not much time to get it done. But here's another look-see at what I'm working on today amongst the many other things to be done..... Just a look ;))

Have a wonderful day Girls! Stay warm, at peace and in the high creative gear of life!


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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thank you and Look at how cute is this!!

Thank you precious Girls for helping me with your creative thoughts about the Baby Box. I'm not closing comments and am still open to hearing any and all input as I have not officially decided which way to go. Although I am narrowing it down, but please drop down to the posting from yesterday and let me know what you would do to finish this box off. Thank you again. 

I also want to send out some love to Ms.Kay Ellen for the Sealah Tape that she had sent to me earlier last year... 
Because I used it in this Baby Memory Box and am loving it!!! Normally I have to glue or stitch my ruffles together and boy is that time consuming!!! But not with Sealah Tape!! I am loving this tape now!! Wham, bam - Done!
You gotta get this stuff!!

Ms. Kathy of Delightsome Life left me the most unexpected comment that I could not let pass without saying thank you to her on my own posting. I was humbled to say the least, when I read that she was highlighting my little blog on her beautiful and thoughtful blog. Wow! What an honor to be chosen among the other inspiring blogs and of any other blog she could have chosen. All I can say is Thank you Kathy, all the glory goes to my Father. Please go visit Ms. Kathy and see how beautiful her blog is. She has a pure and generous soul that pours out of her blog. You won't be disappointed!

How adorable is this for my baby GrandSon Jackson!!! I could not resist getting this for him and his big boy self to wear to see his Mama and new sister / brother (?) in the hospital!! And because he is constantly kissing and hugging his Mamas' big ole belly, I had to get this for him to give his Mama. Don't cha just love that!!

In case you want to know, I found these little treasures at Best Baby And I am thrilled with them!!  I was not to sure about ordering from an unknown company, but they are speedy, communicate every step of the way and the quality of these to precious things is excellent! I can't wait to see my Baby Girls' face when she see's this!! Don't tell her about it though, she doesn't know! ;o


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finishing Details -Help!

Ok, creative Girls. I need your input here. I make these little 12" x 12" boxes a lot and usually the finishing details are not such a big deal. However, this one box is for the soon to be GrandBaby and Babys' mama is rather finicky so I need some input here.

I have the inside detailed and finished with fun and complimentary ribbon, but the outside top is the stumper.....

 I have no problem with repainting the "H" if needed. I have had clients who love their boxes decorated this simply with their initial or as in the next picture, with a large simple item, such as the flower.

But to me, it is just a little too plain. So I thought of trimming the edges with ribbon..... 

But which ribbon? I really like both of them and can see either of them being pleasing to my Baby Girl. That really helps, right ;o !

This is getting better, but still not convinced that this is quite the look. 

 Paint the "H" and add the fabric background??? Too much now??

Thank you for helping me out with your thoughts. Every thought is appreciated and needed. Hopefully I'll get this finished and post "The End" soon!!! Have an awesome day!!!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A few of my favorite White Wednesday things....

Oh my , it's soon to be Wednesday again... wow has time been flying! First off, Hi and Welcomed to all of my new followers!!!! Thank you for signing on to check into my little corner of the world. That means soooo much to me!!! Thank you and please come back often!!

Todays pictures are just a random collection of some of my favorites from this past year or so. Some of you may recognize the pictures, but hopefully they'll present themselves as being renewed in some way to you all. 

As we hop through the pictures, I thought I'd answer a couple, few of the most asked questions I received last week in comments and in the sweet emails.

Yep, that profile picture of me is current as of last August. I really am a Nana. My daughter and I have, all her life, been mistaken as sisters. I thank God for giving me my mothers excellent genes!!

Our little fur face, Tuffy is 11 years old this past November. She came to us as a tiny little puff ball of cuteness when she was rescued at the age of 8 weeks old. She's my constant companion. Don't know what I'd do without her!

Oh, now how did that picture of her slide in here?  Oh well, That's a face you gotta love!

yes, I miss my booth- some days. After I closed back at Thanksgiving, I narrowed down the singular aspects I most liked and was successful in by way of my booth. Now that I have a more defined picture, I am aiming more specifically in "that direction".. More to come on that later ;)

Yep, I'm still fasting. This is the last week and well, I'm not entirely sure I'll be stopping with everyone else as I have a great need for an even greater breakthrough in a few areas of my life... 

My latest project?? Wellllll...... It's been really small stuff as I have not physically felt up to the task of the bigger projects that I've completed in years past and I'm actually out of room here in the house to show anymore of my carpentry skills. :o

 Yes, I feel some what better and have been in and out of the doctors office since the fall. My final diagnosis is due next week as I have officially finished all my tests. My kidneys are still screaming as is my heart and lungs from all the inflammation. Turns out, my doctor has been looking to confirm SLE Lupus. It's pretty much a confirmed deal.

But no tears here. I've been in this rodeo more than a few times. It's time to saddle up and strap in!! Besides, I've got waayyy to much to do! My precious GrandBaby is coming! 

I've gotta pack, plan, buy a gorgeous girls dress and a boys suit. No, she's not having twins. She's just a smart Girl who listened to her Mama with the first child and is repeating with the second, to wait until Baby is born to find out the sex. She and her husband so enjoyed the pregnancy journey with Jackson, they wanted to repeat with the 2nd Baby. So we don't know what she's having!! YEAH!!! 

So if I seem a little slow getting around to you all, forgive me. I'm just a little side tracked with much to do ;0      Later this week, I'll probably post the Baby Memory Box that I've been working on for the past week. It's something that I need your opinion about in regard to the final details. I make these boxes all the time for clients, but this one, well it's such a special one that I can't seem to finish it. Tune back in and vote later this week ok?


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