Monday, February 28, 2011

Time Marches On

Yes, I know that it is still a few hours away from being March on our calendars, but time does seem to be March'ing away from me more so lately than in previous weeks. In case you have not noticed, I do not seem to blog or visit so much over the weekend. The truth is, I am rather busy as most of you are as well. Finding time to write a decent sentence is rather challenging at that time.

So first out of the gate this morning is Good Morning to all and Welcome to my new friends who signed the Wall of the Beautiful and Chic. I'm so glad that you signed onto following my journey through life. Stay with me, it's about to become rather interesting. 
I spoke with my Beautiful Baby Girl over the weekend and she told me that the baby's head is down and in the birthing position---- and she has been spring cleaning..... Our precious new Baby is not due for three more weeks. However,  she had Baby Love two weeks early and this Baby is acting as though she / he will not be out done. So I may be taking off to Michigan just any day now. YEAHHHH!!

I really need to focus on packing my own suitcase to get ready for the trip. It's hard though, because I'm rather distracted these days by the the Holy Spirit's nudging in my soul. I feel as if I'm racing against the clock and I don't know "what" I'm racing "with" or "toward". We are all given the same measure of 24 hours a day, but somehow, it just does not seem like enough time for whatever it is that I'm getting ready for. I'm excited about the new Baby and yet, I find myself looking beyond the birth day trying to see into the gray area of life. His Grace is sufficient for the step we are on and His Light is enough for what we need to know in our moment of time. I know and yet, I'm wrestling within my own spirit for "something". Jesus said in John 10:10 that the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full, abounding life. The journal of life by our calendar has yet to be penned with the days events. So I am expecting and looking forward to writing of His Wondrous and breathtaking works in all of our lives.
With the birth of the new Baby will come new changes. My little family is growing and being so far from my Baby Girl and her children, well, lets just say, I'm praying to be able to see them more and not less. I'm also praying under the direction of the Holy Spirit about unnamed situations that are stirring. I say unnamed because I'm not really sure "why" I'm supposed to be praying as I have been. It seems strange and yet, in all honesty, I do know. I'm searching for answers. I'm looking for the plans as promised in Jeremiah 29:11, For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

I have a strong sense that life is indeed about to become very interesting. Changes are coming. Hope will be realized and life is about to turn in a direction that I never dared to dream or hope for (Eph. 3:20). I am not afraid, for Daddy said 365 times throughout His Word, "be not afraid". 365 times He said this- 365 days on our calendar. Coincidence? Hardly. In the years of walking with Him, I have always found Him to be faithful and True. If He promised it, then He will deliver. So regardless of what is going on in the unseen, I can not wait to meet our newest Baby and be able to hug and kiss on Baby Love again! I can not wait to see my beautiful Daughter and handsome Son in law blossom into even more loving parents than they already are. They have been absolutely amazing with Baby Love and have so much more love to give. This new Baby will lack for nothing and for that, I am grateful. I'm thankful that Daddy has blessed them greatly in many way's. Mostly I'm thankful that Daddy has blessed them with beautiful babies and hearts overflowing with love. Change is good and Daddy is awesome and Faithful! His timing is always perfect for our life's events and changes.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Faith and Friends Friday Too

It's Friday -- again!! Wow! I was MIA yesterday because, as I posted the other day, I'm on a mission to change my bedroom to more of the old Hollywood Glamour. I've been doing a little internet studying on the subject and have decided that I'm going to have to somehow artfully mix what I have (old) with the new appearance of Old Hollywood Glamour. Above is my bed as in the before state. Ok for everyday, whatever. Since I made my bed out of Red Oak, I just can not bring myself to paint it. My tiny budget will not allow for me to buy a new one and even if I could, where to store the old bed??? So what's a Girl to do?! Well... remember my dining room table dilemma and how I fix that one? So, I did it again!! I thought long and hard about this and finally figured a way around the roadblocks. Now, keep in mind, I'm the kind of Girl that keeps working on stuff until I REALLY like it. This is not the finished product, but I'm still studying on its final presentation.
Yep, there she is in all her dressed up glory. I had to use fabric to wrap around the post of the bed and I see I need to go back and pull it a tad tighter for a smoother appearance, but what a change, huh?
I'm sure that you can see some of the details that still need to be detailed, but I'm just so thrilled to actually be on the mission and have the bed at least, in the works. 
It all started with the gathered champagne colored pillows in the picture above. Just had to have them. And yesterday, I was out and found the duvet with the same colors, muted leaves and flower background with the reverse in a complimentary satin. It was an absolute-perfect find for mixing my old linens and stuff with the new Old Hollywood Glamour look. I just knew that Daddy was saying, Go Girl, this is for you! Hope is alive!
Ok, now on to the other fun stuff. As I promised last week, here are three more Girls I'd like to introduce you to that you may not know just yet. 
In no certain order, first is Danielle over at My Blessed Serendipity Life. Danielle has a soothing kind spirit that is so inviting into her everyday life. She is creative, like most of us, loves the thrift shopping and she shows her finds. And what finds they can be! She has a well stocked studio that is truly drool worth, so go ahead and drool. She created her studio table from an old door with glass on top, took out the door insert panels and created a display. Simply amazing!
Now this next Girl, just a few of you I know already know her, but her kindness and sincerity is truly noteworthy. Sherry at The Charm of Home. She is so innovating, that she took clothes and created the most amazing Union Jack tables skirt. Actually, come to think of it, her creativeness inspired what I'm about to do to my bedroom chair.... Thanks for that Sherry~! She creates the most amazing table scapes and the food she has out, oh my! Tea Time with Sherry is always sure to show you some of her beloved finds or buys. Guaranteed to make your heart swoon, I tell ya'. She also host the Sweet Home linky party.  
Enter Susan from Evelyn and Rose. Susans' blog has such a soft, serene look, I bet you could spend a lot of time over at her place. She has a flair for decorating with the thrifted finds and buys that she brings home. She shares her journey of her homes re-do, space by space. It's all beautiful and just like her blog, soft and serene. Her home is flowing with lots of whites and chippy ooey eye candy. Lots of soft old linens, just the right touches of silver pieces, and all of it artfully displayed.
Ok, now, go say hi to  these amazing Girls and of course all the participants of Vintage Inspiration and Feathered Nest Friday !


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lovin' the sunny cold day

The sun is out but, it is deceitful. Baby, it's cold outside! Burr! We've had spring like temps for the last several days, people have donned their shorts because it's been in the lower 70's. Not today! So I'm inside working on my mantle which is in my bedroom. The transformation has been a slow one because I just can't decide how I want to finish it. On one side of my bedroom, it's old glamour. The other side is more traditional old, if that makes any sense at all to you.
The sun has been streaming in so camera perfect, that I was distracted with taking pictures rather than focusing on the mission at hand. Can't relate at all can you?! ;))
I spent the better part of the weekend rearranging some things in my bedroom. Cabin fever, bored, ready to move, change everything - take your choice of what is fueling this need for a different view.
I have discovered, however, that I am going in the styling direction of the old hollywood glamour  and farther away from the traditional just old stuff. I'm trying to lighten the look, less stuff, if you will. My problem is I want everything out on display - what to put away???
It's a slow process of moving things around and trying different looks in new spots. But I'm having fun and it is coming together.
I'm also finding that I'm slightly over this covering every single surface, tables, walls, shelves. The down side of this is our rooms are small. Wall space is limited so it does not take to much to make it look "full".

This is the space between the fireplace and window to the left of the room. The hair comb was a yard sale find from a former booth owner who was emptying her booth via yard sale. The comb is old rhinestones and magnificent! 
Someday I'll find a better mat for it, but for now, this will do.
I've had this hook for ages and thought it would be perfect for holding my Mothers' beautiful "robe". Go with me on this, it's my Mothers' after all..... 
The sun is really beaming now. The day is slipping away and I've much to do, yet again.
So warm wishes and creative dreams to you all as we are another day closer to Spring!!


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Friday, February 18, 2011

Faith and Friends Friday

I was up before the sun this morning with lots on my mind. Nothing is wrong so much as I just needed to talk to, rather, hear from Daddy. My mind traveled over so many things going on with people that I know, that it caused me to stop and give thanks for those who have made such a positive impact on my life. 

I try to let my family and friends know just how important they are, not only to me, but to others as well. Blog friends are no exception. There have been 3 Girls in particular that have been nothing short than amazing to me. They have been with me longer than, well, I can't remember how long 'cause it's been that long.
They are each unique and impressively different in their own blogs, but all have strengths and faith that simply inspires me and I know, for  a lot of you too. 
Time and time again, as I visit them I am encouraged to strive to be better in all that I do, remembering The One Who gives us all talents and gifts which are meant to be shared with kindness and sincerity. These Girls are so unique in their inspiration, I don't think they know just how inspiring they really are. That is what makes them simply amazing. 
In no certain order for no unspoken reason:  The first one is Sandi at Wayside Treasures. When I first started looking for blogs to inspire me for the shabby chic purposes, it was Sandi I kept coming back to. Over time, I have found her to be a true friend, faithful to her word, talented and simply understated with a pure heart, as are all of these Girls. Sandi has kept me grounded in the pursuit of shabby excellence by way of sharing her finds, creations and life's joys. Whenever I need creative inspiration, to Sandi I go because she is so talented with her artful creations and decorating. I so admire her ability to take the "wayside treasures" that have been discarded by others and transform it into a new thing of beauty. So much like what our Daddy does with us when we let go and let Him.
Next is my sweet Sista' Karen at Glass of Sweet Tea. Nothing short of Daddy's Grace speaking to her and by way of her unfailing faithfulness to Him, she always writes a Word in due season. No matter what I am going through, I can go to Karen and she has already written just what I needed to remember and focus on that day. Her personal testimony encourages me to practice humility, patience, forgiveness and seek Him first - no matter what. I love her strength to live out loud as a testimony to encourage others to keep fighting the good fight of faith. By example of her own life, her testimony reflects the truth that regardless of what is trying to change our course, hold onto His Promises because He is faithful and just to bring everything about for our good and His glory.
Finally, is Laura Lynn at Enjoying the simple things. Her writing talents have strengthened and developed in such a way, that she truly causes one to stop and reflect deeper than just the superficial surface of life and every day events. She makes me laugh with the antics of her outgoing, personality plus family of 5 children. Her patience and insightfulness into even the most trying of situations is nothing short than astounding. She has such a perspective into things that ordinarily would not be noticed or evaluated, but she noticed and evaluated with simplicity and selflessness. She has a way of writing about the everyday happenings with such a positive flair that you can't help but to smile with her and feel that lift in your own spirit. 
Last and certainly not least, a shout out to all my newest Girls who were kind enough to sign the Wall of the Beautiful & Chic. Sorry, I have a hard time calling you "followers". Thank you all for your kindness and repeat visits. Next week I am planning to make time to give dedicated shout outs to some of you as well. Just hang in there until next time, ok?
Have a blessed and wonderful weekend!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

All things new again

Can you believe that we are already approaching the end of another week? Where does time go?? It's probably just me, but it seems as if I no sooner get up than it's already two days later... The good news about that is, we are speeding closer to Spring - Thank You Daddy!!!

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous here so I took advantage of the lighting and had a full day of photography for a multitude of reasons. The best reason was for the fun of it all! 
I also worked on the Etsy store and unearthed a few things left over from my booth so I photographed them too. 

I also got busy working on another set of chalkboard tags and I gotta tell ya', it was just slightly hard to list these. Let me know what you think of them, ok? I so appreciate comments and your thoughts - it helps in more ways than you know. 

On another note, I recently received this precious award from sweet Rosetta over at The Romantic Rose.
Thank you Rosetta for your thoughtful kindness of passing this on to me. If you have not met Rosetta, go visit her in her lovely home in Italy. She is fragrant with love and dreaminess all throughout her beautiful home. She has developed quiet the creative eye in her displays. 
I'm supposed to pass this along to other bloggers and this is always the hardest part. So here goes:

Heidi over at Sugah Beez
Kelly over at Till Death Do Us Part
Maggie over at The White Farmhouse

In addition to passing I'm to tell of that one day when blogging clicked for me. Well, that is actually much harder to specify because it just evolved through a series of events and others.  
Before I close, I want to leave a rose for all of you who are so kind to stop in for a visit and for all the thoughtful comments you leave. It really does make my day, so here is to you - Thank You!!


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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Outside the box

Hi Girls!! Happy Day to you all. I hope you all are having a great day. I must confess, I'm in a dry creative well today. So I think this will be a good time to go visit so many of you creative souls and see what's happening out there. In the meantime, I did manage to inspire myself enough to create a little sheet music box and embellish it with lace and a paper flower.

I also whipped out this paper mach e star wand. I made these last year for the art show and sold out. Funny thing was, "older girls" bought them in droves! Lots of Girls bought them for birthday favors and just because. A few of them actually was used for props in upcoming Spring plays. Who knew?

This was a quick and easy little project that was lots of fun to create. Now if I could just get everything else I need to do to be just as quick and fun...... ;)

Have an amazing day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Baby Love on V- Day

Happy Valentines Day to one and All!! I hope you all get lots of hugs and love not only today, but everyday!!

Well, my Dear Baby Girl and adorable Baby Love, Mr. Jackson, have come and gone. We had such a great time and soooo many laughs 'cause of this little one...

Jackson is truly LOADED with personality. I really did not know that it was possible to pack so much personality into such a little person!!

He was constantly making faces and tilting his little head for effect - all the while keeping us in stitches.

Every time someone would walk into the room he would yell in a very excited voice, "heyyyyyyyy" and do his happy dance!!

He was so good while they were here. His mama said he's like that all the time.

We had snow twice while they were here and one day he got to play in it for a few minutes. He didn't like it at all. Funny thing is, they're from Michigan! Can we say "snow"?!

For as much as I have truly enjoyed their company, I must now dash off here to catch up in all that I ignored last week.... and it's still Valentines day- gotta' go get some stuff for that don't cha know?!

Have a wonderful day!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fun with numbers

Good morning Girls!! I pray that this day finds you safe and well. I'm just dropping in to show you what I've been up to for the last few days. I have been making these oh so fun chalkboard tags for the Etsy store.

I just could not resist the dual purpose of these mini chalkboards. Numbers on side and a mini chalkboard on the other. How Fun! Perfect for gift tagging or organizing. Speaking of gift giving, I've gotta go now - my Baby Girl called last night to tell me that she is driving her very pregnant self and my Big Boy G'son down to spend the week with me. They'll all be here tomorrow and I've much to do ;o))
Take care, be safe! Thanks for the visit and comments, by the way! It really does make my day!!


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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More true confessions

I thought I'd give you a quick look into yet another addiction I have called dishes aka, china. 

 I tell ya', I had not acknowledged just how much of this I had until I tried to figure out what to capture for todays posting and started walking around with the camera.

  Then I began to see....
I have only given a small glimpse of what I have out because of the limited real estate we have in this little house.
 But I have managed to display a few pieces of my favorites such as my Ironstone, Keystone International and Wedgwood. This particular set of Keystone International (the butter dish) is exactly like my Mothers and I have a complete set that I found this past summer. Never used, mint condition. Funny thing is, it's still "never used, mint condition" because I favor using other pieces that are tucked away in the kitchen cabinet.

However, my favorite has to be the Ironstone pieces. The simplicity of design or the more complex designs made subtly because its all white.  I love mixing the different pieces which is really easy since it's white, shocking I know.
 I have way to many pieces stored away on shelves and continue to buy pieces as I find them. It's an addiction seriously. But it works well with the fabric addiction, or so I think.

 Each piece is unique and has a history all unto itself. Much like my FiestaWare collection that I've had for many years. What I particularly enjoy about my dishes whether it be Ironstone, FiestaWare, or other china is that I use it daily. With the exception of the Keystone International china, we actually use china everyday. My thinking is "why wait for special occasions?" Isn't everyday special, if you want it to be? I'm just sayin'.
Well thanks for the visit and I hope that each of you have a warm, safe and creative day!


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