Friday, February 25, 2011

Faith and Friends Friday Too

It's Friday -- again!! Wow! I was MIA yesterday because, as I posted the other day, I'm on a mission to change my bedroom to more of the old Hollywood Glamour. I've been doing a little internet studying on the subject and have decided that I'm going to have to somehow artfully mix what I have (old) with the new appearance of Old Hollywood Glamour. Above is my bed as in the before state. Ok for everyday, whatever. Since I made my bed out of Red Oak, I just can not bring myself to paint it. My tiny budget will not allow for me to buy a new one and even if I could, where to store the old bed??? So what's a Girl to do?! Well... remember my dining room table dilemma and how I fix that one? So, I did it again!! I thought long and hard about this and finally figured a way around the roadblocks. Now, keep in mind, I'm the kind of Girl that keeps working on stuff until I REALLY like it. This is not the finished product, but I'm still studying on its final presentation.
Yep, there she is in all her dressed up glory. I had to use fabric to wrap around the post of the bed and I see I need to go back and pull it a tad tighter for a smoother appearance, but what a change, huh?
I'm sure that you can see some of the details that still need to be detailed, but I'm just so thrilled to actually be on the mission and have the bed at least, in the works. 
It all started with the gathered champagne colored pillows in the picture above. Just had to have them. And yesterday, I was out and found the duvet with the same colors, muted leaves and flower background with the reverse in a complimentary satin. It was an absolute-perfect find for mixing my old linens and stuff with the new Old Hollywood Glamour look. I just knew that Daddy was saying, Go Girl, this is for you! Hope is alive!
Ok, now on to the other fun stuff. As I promised last week, here are three more Girls I'd like to introduce you to that you may not know just yet. 
In no certain order, first is Danielle over at My Blessed Serendipity Life. Danielle has a soothing kind spirit that is so inviting into her everyday life. She is creative, like most of us, loves the thrift shopping and she shows her finds. And what finds they can be! She has a well stocked studio that is truly drool worth, so go ahead and drool. She created her studio table from an old door with glass on top, took out the door insert panels and created a display. Simply amazing!
Now this next Girl, just a few of you I know already know her, but her kindness and sincerity is truly noteworthy. Sherry at The Charm of Home. She is so innovating, that she took clothes and created the most amazing Union Jack tables skirt. Actually, come to think of it, her creativeness inspired what I'm about to do to my bedroom chair.... Thanks for that Sherry~! She creates the most amazing table scapes and the food she has out, oh my! Tea Time with Sherry is always sure to show you some of her beloved finds or buys. Guaranteed to make your heart swoon, I tell ya'. She also host the Sweet Home linky party.  
Enter Susan from Evelyn and Rose. Susans' blog has such a soft, serene look, I bet you could spend a lot of time over at her place. She has a flair for decorating with the thrifted finds and buys that she brings home. She shares her journey of her homes re-do, space by space. It's all beautiful and just like her blog, soft and serene. Her home is flowing with lots of whites and chippy ooey eye candy. Lots of soft old linens, just the right touches of silver pieces, and all of it artfully displayed.
Ok, now, go say hi to  these amazing Girls and of course all the participants of Vintage Inspiration and Feathered Nest Friday !



  1. Thank you Ellen! You are a real sweetie! I always love to stop in and visit with you!

  2. Sei proprio brava,continua così,il tuo letto è molto bello!Felice weekend,Rosetta

  3. Ellen,
    You are so sweet! I love coming to your wonderful blog so full of light and inspiration! Your bedroom is looking so beautiful and romantic. What a clever idea for your headboard.


  4. Hi Ellen,
    What a wonderful surprise! I am so flattered that you chose to post about my blog, as well as these other lovely ladies. You are too sweet. Thank you!!!
    I just love how you used creativity to redo your bedroom on a budget. I'm constantly trying to re-use what I have in new ways. Your new bedpost covering is stunning! Enjoy the rest of your redo,

  5. A wonderful transformation of your bedroom! ....smiles.

  6. Hi! There's an award for you at my place!
    Hugs- Tete

  7. Wonderful changes- it is looking just beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished product!! Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)


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