Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More true confessions

I thought I'd give you a quick look into yet another addiction I have called dishes aka, china. 

 I tell ya', I had not acknowledged just how much of this I had until I tried to figure out what to capture for todays posting and started walking around with the camera.

  Then I began to see....
I have only given a small glimpse of what I have out because of the limited real estate we have in this little house.
 But I have managed to display a few pieces of my favorites such as my Ironstone, Keystone International and Wedgwood. This particular set of Keystone International (the butter dish) is exactly like my Mothers and I have a complete set that I found this past summer. Never used, mint condition. Funny thing is, it's still "never used, mint condition" because I favor using other pieces that are tucked away in the kitchen cabinet.

However, my favorite has to be the Ironstone pieces. The simplicity of design or the more complex designs made subtly because its all white.  I love mixing the different pieces which is really easy since it's white, shocking I know.
 I have way to many pieces stored away on shelves and continue to buy pieces as I find them. It's an addiction seriously. But it works well with the fabric addiction, or so I think.

 Each piece is unique and has a history all unto itself. Much like my FiestaWare collection that I've had for many years. What I particularly enjoy about my dishes whether it be Ironstone, FiestaWare, or other china is that I use it daily. With the exception of the Keystone International china, we actually use china everyday. My thinking is "why wait for special occasions?" Isn't everyday special, if you want it to be? I'm just sayin'.
Well thanks for the visit and I hope that each of you have a warm, safe and creative day!


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  1. You have a very pretty collection. Love that little birdie too!


  2. Beautiful whites Ellen! Aren't you glad you stumbled upon them while walking around with a camera for WW? They're lovely.
    - Susan

  3. Hi Ellen,
    These dishes are beautiful. I think you need a lovely big hutch to display them. what do you think?

  4. Hi Ellen
    Love love love dishes, I say a girl can never have to much of it.
    I have had so many collections throughout the years, I tend to sell it off and start another - I have gone through fiesta ware, flow blue, Johnson Bros, depression but I have always kept my Wedgewood :)

  5. Ellen,
    I do love dishes. White is my favorite! And using them every day is a delight.

  6. Beautiful dishes -- it's a common "ailment" -- one that many of us have!

  7. Hi, Ellen. Thanks for stopping by today. Beautiful collection you have. Following you now.

  8. E' molto bello ciò che hai mostrato.L'uccellino poi è delizioso!!!Ciao,Rosetta.

  9. Love your motto that "everyday is special"!! And oh, that little birdie with a crown, how sweet!! Thanks for coming to the party,

  10. I admit to a china addiction myself...

  11. Love all of your dishes. I can hardly pass any that I don't want. Where to put them all is my biggest proglem. Yours are stunning. Love the bird with the crown too, so cute. Hugs, Marty

  12. Ellen, I've always lived by the motto, "You can never have too many dishes."
    Your little birdies are much like some I recently purchased for party favors for an upcoming dinner party. Michaels had them on sale.

  13. I can totally relate to your china addiction. I've done ok over the years, but I'm getting more and more hooked these days. When I was in high school, I sold china and silver at Macy's, so have always appreciated it. Love your pieces, and love the ironstone in particular. That's probably been my latest craze.......along with transferware. :)

  14. Ellen, nice dishes... I should use mine more often. I love that little bird. very cute.


  15. Hi Ellen~your dishes are delightful- and I just adore that sweet bird! He's so charming!! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  16. Love your china. It is wonderful when it all does match. Love your little bird too.

  17. Crazy about dishes~~Never enough! lol
    Fun to find them at flea markets!! or on sale~~~
    Just bought some for my little shop :))

    Have a blessed week:)

    Kay Ellen

  18. Girl, I am so jealous of all your pretty dishes! And whites are my FAVORITE! I just got married last June and got my first "real" dishes, and I can feel my addiction getting kicked off!


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