Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm here with a gorgeous gift

Hi everyone! Hope life has been awesome toward you since I've last been around. Thank you for your patience and kind emails asking what's up with the long silences over here. Well, the truth is that since I got back from Michigan, I've been deeply involved with an ongoing and rather intense project (work kind of stuff.... boring and frustrating). I had hoped to post earlier this week, but someone decided to work from home all week which means no computer for me. More delay and well, you get the idea.

Sooooo, on a much happier note,  I finally have an opportunity to show you what I received a couple of weeks ago from a very talented and generous soul who sent me my Pay If Forward Gift. I was so excited to get this.... truly the spirit of Christmas as a small child. I had no idea what it would be, but I knew it would be awesome. The heart behind this gift is Danielle over at My Blessed Serendipity Life.
Don't you just love how she wrapped it in a vintage dress pattern and made the perfect touch with the newspaper flower? I sure do!

It's the perfect necklace for me! I just love it! As I told Danielle, if I had all of the necklaces to choose from, this is exactly the one I would choose. Did you notice the small heart dangling from the bottom of the charm with the words "spread love" over lace.... love that!

Thank you Danielle! I truly am loving this beauty and even more knowing that you made this work of art. Ya'll go over and say hi to Danielle and be sure to tell her what an awesome creation she made, ok? Hopefully I can soon get things more uh, organized and back on track over here and have some time to go a visitin' over at your place. It's on my calendar... somewhere amongst all the other behind stuff gotta do now should have done already.  ya'll pray for me..... ;))  Have a most awesome weekend, see you soon.  xoxo,

Friday, April 8, 2011

Amazing store

While I was in Michigan for little Sophia's birth, I made a quick trip over to Marshall, MI to visit the children's clothing boutique there. Directly across the street from the children's boutique is the most amazing antique store called "Amazing Grace". I have been there several times and every time I just drool over all the amazing stuff in there. Wanna see?

 Being there just inspires me to want to redo my entire house with this just fabulous vintage finds!
Hope you all have great success in your treasure hunting this weekend, can't wait to see what you find!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello World!

Hi Everyone!! I finally have a minute to introduce you to my newest Baby Love Two! Our little pink bundle of precious baby love finally made her arrival on March 16th. Here's our little Sophia Ellen,

Yes, my Baby Girl and Favor'est Son in law blessed me with the honor of naming little Sophia with my name. And yes, I did tear up as any joyful Nana would. Little Sophia was almost born in the backseat of her parents car which would had been just like her Nana being born in the back of the car! She took her time in getting here, but when she was ready, wow! A few pushes later, and here she was. Perfect, healthy and just beautiful. Mama and Daddy are just over the moon and can't stop smiling as they exude pure joy.
Sophia is tiny and oh so quiet. Her birth weight was 7 pounds, 2 ounces. Doesn't she look even smaller with her Daddy's hands around her? Baby Love One, Jackson, is not so sure about his new little sister as he told his parents to "put back" and "stop it" with Baby Love Two. Whada' ya' expect from our little Baby Love? ;))

The family has adjusted very well and all are doing great. Little Sophia is moving right along on her growth chart and even Baby Love One is adjusting to having her around. 
Our visit with them was of course, entirely to short, but I'm thankful to have been there with them to adore and love on them all. Welcome to our Family Baby Love Sophia!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We have a Giveaway Winner!!

Hi Girls!! so hope that you all are having a great day. I'm writing from the hospital where Baby Mama & her baby girl are doing well Details later with pictures.

I wish that I could give something to each of you, but well, you know how that goes. So on with the winners name!! the name is, Jane at Janes junk!

Congratulations, Jane !!!! Yay! The Giveaway is yours! I so hope that you enjoy it! I will have to wait until I get back to Tennessee to mail it to you, but consider it on its way to you! Soon, you'll be able to serve tea for your friends in this beautiful teapot!! Woo-hoo!!

That's a wrap, ya'll. I have to scoot off of here and get about the business of Nana. Thanks everyone, have a great day!


Monday, March 14, 2011

It's a milestone Giveaway!

I had this post ready for several days now, but am adding a bit of news to it as we have had excitement over the weekend. My Baby Girl has been in labor since Friday night. She left the hospital under doctors  care and was at 3-4 centimeters along. She has a doctors appointment today and I'm waiting to find out when the doctor is going to induce labor. So either tonight or early tomorrow, I'm outta' here for Baby Loves' birth that will be scheduled for either Tuesday or Wednesday!!! Praise God!! 
Before I do, however, I did promise a little celebration because you really are special to me. If it was not for all of you who take the time to pass through here everyday, well, what's the point of having a blog.  I have met so many amazing, creative, thoughtful and personality plus people since I started blogging. You all make life so much more interesting to say the least. To celebrate reaching 100 people who have signed the Wall of the Beautiful and Chic, I'm giving away a little something.
The giveaway includes the teapot which is from the Flea Market Collection of Home Essentials, the Willow Tree picture frame and a little plate with its own stand, which reads, "We get by with a little help from our friends".
It's been a journey getting here. So often I've asked myself, what's the point. Then along comes the most unexpected comment of whom the writer of the comment directly encourages me to keep going - and I never told anyone about my doubts.
So when I found this plate, I knew I had to include it as well. 
To participate in the Giveaway is really easy. Leave a comment to throw your name in the hat for the drawing as I will be drawing a name on Wednesday March 16th. 
I won't twist your arm to follow, but if you do add your name to the Wall as a new follower, that'll get you the bonus of your name in the hat twice. If you blog about the Giveaway, well that'll get your name in the hat again as well. Because I've got a mountain to move , I'm going to be out of state , a few things to do, like cuddle Baby Love One & Two, I kindly ask that you comment for all of the above so I know who and how many times to add your name to the hat. 

Easy enough right? I'm off of here, got much to do before getting on the road. Have a wonderful day!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Faith & Friends Friday, 4

Good Morning to all! I hope that everyone is having a good day. I don't know about you, but my heart is rather heavy this morning with the news of Japan and the potential threat to Hawaii and our West Coast. So please bear with me. I'm distracted in my thoughts as my heart is with those in this situation. Let's not forget to pray for them.

Thank you to ALL of you who visited me in this past week and especially thank those of you who slowed down long enough to leave your most amazing, funny and encouraging comments!! I really appreciate you letting me know you were here! A special shout of thanks to those of you who signed the Wall of the Beautiful and Chic who are now following me on this journey of life. Thank you! In celebration of reaching 100, I have a giveaway that will start on Monday so you'll have to tune back in for that Celebration!

I also want to thank Denise at The Pink Postcard for featuring my bed this week! I introduced you to her in last Friday's Faith & Friends episode and was pleasantly surprised by her choice of featuring my bed make over!!  Every week she host the Transformations & Treasures linky party. If you've not been there to link in or visit, you have gotta go. There's some pretty amazing stuff over there!

Someone else to be sure to visit and say hello to, is Laura Lynn over at Enjoying the Simple Things. Yes, I've talked a few other times about Laura Lynn, but if you've not been there or haven't been lately, you are really missing out. You have to read what she wrote yesterday (Wednesday quotes on enduring life's trials). Her writing talent will take you right into the moment she is writing about with such detailed visuals. She writes with and about substance and integrity with such a pure heart. After reading her post yesterday, I was literally in tears. You'll have to read for yourself. It was THAT great!

Someone else to go and say hello to, is Sherrie over at Vintage Affaire. She has a love of vintage things and has the lovely blog to prove it. Her blog has lots of pictures with her vintage finds that she picks up from a variety of places. She's like so many of us, loves the "junk" stores. She set a beautiful table earlier this week with her stunning finds. You'll swoon over it, really!

arborhouse button3 For more chippy paint and vintage treasures, you'll not be disappointed over at Alaina's house, Arbor House Lane. Her home is comfy and well loved with things from yesteryear. Lots of chippy, happy paint, creative ideas and a few how-to's abound over at her house. She generously throws open her door and welcomes you in!

While your out and about, stop in and say hi to Bonnie, The Hopeless Romantic. Her blog title very accurately sums up her homes' look. She has wit & humor that flows throughout her personality. Her home is hopelessly romantic with it's shabby chic look, ruffles, pink and if you love cherubs, she has that too. I don't know how she did it with a house full of guys, but Girl Power to her shabby chic home!

One more thing. Earlier this week Danielle at My Blessed Serendipity Life answered the call to join in  the Pay If Forward Challenge. When I read about it in Danielles' posting, I signed up to join in. I really love and am excited to be a part of something bigger than myself in Paying It Forward. It's a challenge. Really something we should make a part of our daily lives anyway. Not to receive anything back. Not to receive attention or credit. Unselfish love, simple as that. I love that, don't you? I am making this challenge to all who read my blog, but the FIRST FIVE PEOPLE who comment on my blog to accept the Pay It Forward Challenge, will receive a handmade gift from me. In return, you must FIRST write a blog post explaining Pay It Forward 2011. Then you in turn, send out a handmade gift to the first 5 visitors who leave a comment.
It's like ripples in the water, the love is spread & spread & spreads more by paying it forward. Who wouldn't want to be a part of the rippling effects of love?

So, even though 5 committed people need to comment that they accept the challenge, it doesn't mean you can't leave a comment just to say hi.  'Cause I love hearing from you and going a' vistin' over at your place too.

Well, that's a wrap for today. I hope to hear from all of you and see you again soon. Don't forget to come back Monday and be a part of the 100 Celebration! Have a great weekend. Love to you all!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Baby Girl & Favor'est Son in law

Today marks a big milestone in the lives of my Baby Girl and my most Favor'est Son in law.
                                                   It's their 6th wedding anniversary!!

As Baby Girls' Mama, I can hardly believe it ! Baby Girl and my most Favor'est Son in law are the most  precious couple I know. Six years ago today, they joined their lives and have blended together beautifully. They have achieved many milestones in just these short six years. Some of which is, they both have their Degrees, bought their first home a few years ago after moving from NC to MI  (courtesy of the Marines), had Baby Love and are due any day with Baby Love Two.
It has been nothing short than wonderful and amazing to watch these two grow in their marriage and lives. They are truly an example of what faithful, committed love should be and reap the fruit thereof. They learned early on how to respect and regard each other with kindness and mercy. I praise Daddy for answering this Mamas' prayers from way back when Baby Girl was a pre-teen, in regard to her future husband. Everything I prayed for, my Favor'est Son in law was and is. They have been and are growing to be. Favor'est Son in law lives out what a Man should be in  loving and caring for his wife and family. Baby Girl lives out what a Woman should be in adoring and regarding her Husband. 
Together they have made a life that would literally take your breath away in awe. It was not all easy, but they worked together through the hard times and have come out on the other side as much better people and a stronger couple for it. 
I truly give thanks to Daddy for this precious couple, precious family. May the love they have only grow deeper and more fruitful for the next 60 years as Daddy continues to pour out His rich blessings into their lives.

Happy Anniversary Baby Girl & Favor'est Son in law


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The coffee table lives on

My endeavor of transforming my bedroom to the old Hollywood Glamour is still a work in progress as I have finally finished working on a corner of my room. It is a corner that I was not unhappy with, but it was to shabby chic nostalgic for the room to really emphasize the old glamour I'm trying to achieve. So,with that in mind, I took the coffee table top from the same table that I cut and used on my bed previously and transformed it as well. The same friend who gave me the table had also given me a full length mirror, so I used them both to make a glamorous corner. After browsing hundreds of internet pictures of Hollywood starlets of the old days, I noticed that their dressing areas and dress shop areas had these fabulous tufted sides added to a huge mirror all of which sat on top of steps. Keeping this in mind and on a much, much smaller scale, I duplicated the look.
Because the location of my now dressed corner, it was slightly challenging to get a decent full picture, but I think you get the idea, 'cause you be smart that way!
I inherited my Mothers first vanity and dresser she had after my parents married so the new / old mirror is in the corner of the two pieces of furniture. 
Directly over the top of this new glamour is my sweet chandelier

I added some detail to the sides and the "mirror frame" to mimic the idea of old Hollywood as I saw the same wood carved details in their furniture. Oh yeah, the padded sides are actually covering two old chippy paint shutters I had set up in the same manner in the "before" transformation. Sorry, I was so anxious to get this project going, I forgot the "before" pictures!

It's not complete, as you know I'll keep tinkering with this little project to get it just right. But for now, here it is, coffee table turns old Hollywood Glamour mirror. So, what do you think D'haling? 


Friday, March 4, 2011

Faith and Friends Friday, 3

                                                       (photo courtesy of Dino De Luca's portfolio)

Can you believe it's Friday already!?! Yeah is all I can say about that 'cause my Baby Girl is another Friday closer to having Baby!! It's also time for Faith and Friends Friday spotlight to shine on some visit worthy fellow bloggers. First, however, I want to say thank you to those of you who signed the Wall of the Beautiful and Chic, to follow my journey in this life. I also want to thank all you who are so thoughtful and kind to take a moment and leave me such awesome comments. I do read them all and am encouraged by your thoughts, wit & humor, and just outright thoughtfulness. Thank you!!

Now, I'd like to introduce you to Tete who recently gave me an award of which I am most gratefully humble for her choosing me to pass it onto.

It's an award for bloggers who are not ashamed to post about praying, faith and are the first ones to leave kind words and prayers for those in need. About shining your light without boasting, for being a prayer buddy without asking, for going the extra mile to hug someone with your words, those who inspire faith, hope and love in their posts.

Hence, the gratitude and humility for receiving such an honorable award. Thank  you Tete for your kindness and thoughtfulness in choosing me. Back at you, Girl! There are no rules to this award, other than to pass it onto others who inspire by faith in their blogs. Immediately a few people came to my mind.

Karen at Glass of Sweet Tea, Danielle at My Blessed Serendipity Life,  and Sandy at Farmhouse Chicks.

Tete is the blog author of Beyond the Garden Gate. She is the daughter of a Baptist preachin' man and married to the son of a Wesleyan preachin' man. She has a fantastic blog filled with humor, insight, personality and just an all around uplifting place to visit. Almost daily there is something posted at her place that will make you smile, giggle and out right laugh about. Like the rest of us, she too is working on beautifying her home. If you've not been to visit her, you gotta go meet her!

This week I'm talking about these afore mentioned Girls and would like to also introduce you to a few other Girls whom you may not have yet met that I've had the privilege of meeting recently. Again, in no certain order, first is Jane at Jane's Junk and Treasures. Talk about innovative! This Girl has it going on in that department! Her beautiful home is decorated with the vintage treasures that'll she has on display in a way that each piece can be appreciated and make sense- not to forget, added humor to the decor as in her chicken coop. Yep, she also has chickens! Say hi to Sweet Pea & Pearl for me, ok Jane?!

Next is Ann over On Sutton Place. Ann's blog has some fantastic floral pictures happening lately! She is keeping us current on the home trends while giving a view into some of her rooms in her beautiful home.  This Girl knows how to create a table scape and you should see how she has her decorative plates arranged in her dining room, oh and let's not forget the toile on those fabulous lampshades! Creative, crafty and just well put together.

Last, but certainly not least, is Denise at The Pink Postcard.  Denise has a beautiful home too. Currently, she is remodeling her bathroom and you have to see her inspiration picture. Swoon!! She has an artful way of creating vignettes using treasured old with new stuff & it looks great. She is handy with tools and  a sewing machine. Which means, the Girl is creative and can produce some very ideal re-purposed stuff, like her gun rack. Don't ask, just go see for yourself. If you're looking for a new linky party, she's the Hostess of Transformations and Treasures, much fun to be had at her party!

Alrighty then! Now you have a list of Girls to go say hi to, so off you go!! Have a fantastic weekend ya'll!! Come back and see me soon!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The bed is finally made!

Yes, I have finally finished making my bed so to speak. It took several days in between everything else I have going on. BUT, it - is - done! I can finally put my bed to bed, sorry I couldn't resist that! Ok, here it was before the make over:
I had already posted the starting stage of the make over last week, so I'll skip that and get to the final presentation of the bed. Ready? ok, here she is all made up and finished...
I opted to go with the French twist on the Old Hollywood Glamour by adding a wood frame to the head and footboard simply because I really wanted to mix the fabric and wood. My bedroom has so much wood furniture and I love linens, so this option seemed best. What do you think?

I really wanted the detail of the wood frame to be added to the bed. You won't believe what this "frame" was in it's previous life... a coffee table! Yep, that's right, a coffee table. You should have heard the comment from my friend who gave me the table. She was just a tad bit astounded that the trusty table she gave me was now a bed frame! However, at the time she pass it off to me, she clearly had more faith in my carpentry skills than I did, because she said, "I know you can do something with this." I was not so sure, but took it anyway....So here it is after I tore the table apart and fired up the table saw to "stretch" it out to fit the bed. Needless to say, my friend asked several times, "you did what with the coffee table?"I am relived to announce that she is happy with the outcome of her former coffee table.
While I was at the artful creative mindset to change things, I also did a little tweaking on the mantle in an attempt to mix the old with glamourous, but trying to keep it simple at the same time. 
I found these old books and had to use them for props in the bedroom too. I also brought back some of the worn love pieces. 

The sun is shining brightly, the birds are singing,  little girls are riding their bikes, the trees and plants have buds AND I spotted blooming daffodils in a neighbors yard..... Let's all do the Spring Happy Dance!
Have a wonderful day!