Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Baby Girl & Favor'est Son in law

Today marks a big milestone in the lives of my Baby Girl and my most Favor'est Son in law.
                                                   It's their 6th wedding anniversary!!

As Baby Girls' Mama, I can hardly believe it ! Baby Girl and my most Favor'est Son in law are the most  precious couple I know. Six years ago today, they joined their lives and have blended together beautifully. They have achieved many milestones in just these short six years. Some of which is, they both have their Degrees, bought their first home a few years ago after moving from NC to MI  (courtesy of the Marines), had Baby Love and are due any day with Baby Love Two.
It has been nothing short than wonderful and amazing to watch these two grow in their marriage and lives. They are truly an example of what faithful, committed love should be and reap the fruit thereof. They learned early on how to respect and regard each other with kindness and mercy. I praise Daddy for answering this Mamas' prayers from way back when Baby Girl was a pre-teen, in regard to her future husband. Everything I prayed for, my Favor'est Son in law was and is. They have been and are growing to be. Favor'est Son in law lives out what a Man should be in  loving and caring for his wife and family. Baby Girl lives out what a Woman should be in adoring and regarding her Husband. 
Together they have made a life that would literally take your breath away in awe. It was not all easy, but they worked together through the hard times and have come out on the other side as much better people and a stronger couple for it. 
I truly give thanks to Daddy for this precious couple, precious family. May the love they have only grow deeper and more fruitful for the next 60 years as Daddy continues to pour out His rich blessings into their lives.

Happy Anniversary Baby Girl & Favor'est Son in law



  1. In un mondo che va a pezzi è così bello vedere una coppia che si ama tanto!il loro figlio è la piu' bella delle benedizioni!Tanti auguri e che loro siano da esempio a tanti altri giovani!Ciao,ciao,Rosetta

  2. Such heartfelt wishes from a very proud and loving mama. I hope they have a very happy anniversary with much to celebrate.


  3. This is such a beautiful post and may God always bless their lives with peace and love.
    Hugs- Tete

  4. This is so sweet and heartfelt. As a mother of four girls, we sure hope we get son in laws we can call favorites.

  5. Awww, this is beyond precious and Happy Anniversary to the BEAUTIFUL couple and their gorgeous baby!!!

    I hope you're having a wonderful day...I love this post!!!!

  6. What a nice family. You are truly blessed! Thanks for visiting my blog and always leaving such nice comments. I really appreciate it. I am behind on email and blog visiting. This week has been busy for me...this isn't usual and I have to admit I'm not handling it very well! The weekend is getting closer though...hope yours is great. ~Ann

  7. Beautiful family. Love the pictures!!! Congratulations to them!! Loved the post. I have two wonderful son-in-laws, that are like sons to us!
    (thanks for visiting and commenting and following my blog. :) )

  8. Hello Ellen, you have a beautiful family! Happy anniversary and best wishes for much happiness for years to come.


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