Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The bed is finally made!

Yes, I have finally finished making my bed so to speak. It took several days in between everything else I have going on. BUT, it - is - done! I can finally put my bed to bed, sorry I couldn't resist that! Ok, here it was before the make over:
I had already posted the starting stage of the make over last week, so I'll skip that and get to the final presentation of the bed. Ready? ok, here she is all made up and finished...
I opted to go with the French twist on the Old Hollywood Glamour by adding a wood frame to the head and footboard simply because I really wanted to mix the fabric and wood. My bedroom has so much wood furniture and I love linens, so this option seemed best. What do you think?

I really wanted the detail of the wood frame to be added to the bed. You won't believe what this "frame" was in it's previous life... a coffee table! Yep, that's right, a coffee table. You should have heard the comment from my friend who gave me the table. She was just a tad bit astounded that the trusty table she gave me was now a bed frame! However, at the time she pass it off to me, she clearly had more faith in my carpentry skills than I did, because she said, "I know you can do something with this." I was not so sure, but took it anyway....So here it is after I tore the table apart and fired up the table saw to "stretch" it out to fit the bed. Needless to say, my friend asked several times, "you did what with the coffee table?"I am relived to announce that she is happy with the outcome of her former coffee table.
While I was at the artful creative mindset to change things, I also did a little tweaking on the mantle in an attempt to mix the old with glamourous, but trying to keep it simple at the same time. 
I found these old books and had to use them for props in the bedroom too. I also brought back some of the worn love pieces. 

The sun is shining brightly, the birds are singing,  little girls are riding their bikes, the trees and plants have buds AND I spotted blooming daffodils in a neighbors yard..... Let's all do the Spring Happy Dance!
Have a wonderful day!



  1. Great Great Great Job...very good bed making!

  2. Love your bed Ellen and who would have thought part of it was a coffee table! I sure wouldn't have. You definitely know how to think outside the box!! Love your displays too.

  3. Ellen,
    So very pretty! I love that extra long ruffled pillow on your bed! I liked your before and I love your after. You did a wonderful job!

  4. Hey Ellen...great job on your bed. The pillows are especially lovely. Sure wish we had some singing birds or blooming daffodils! I'm afraid we will have to wait a while for that...enjoy your weather! ~Ann

  5. How pretty Ellen...I love the pillows, and that pretty little cross.

  6. Really impressive headboard. Love it! You did a really nice job, looks like a real vintage piece
    Nice bed linens
    The old books and other items are great.

  7. Wow...what an awesome idea you had for the bed frame! I am heading to texas Roundtop in a few weeks and I have a vision for a headboard too..hope I can find the pieces I will need...


  8. I love it! What uve done with the bed is fabulous. How creative! Uve really turned the whole room into something beautiful and quite peaceful looking. Great job!..........Bonnie

  9. Ellen,
    That turned out beautiful! I can't believe what fabulous things can be made out of discarded furniture. Very creative and smart. Love the linens too.

  10. OMG Ellen...I love your bed! Wow, you did a fantastic job. Love the bedding set too, especially the ruched/ruffly pillow covers.

  11. WOW, and WOW again!!! What a transformation, Ellen. It doesn't even look like the same space. I love it! And you did a fabulous job with your bed.

    Thanks for linking to my party. I enjoy seeing what creative endeavors you've been up to. I would love to see you link to "Funny Faux Pas Follies" this Friday, as well. It should be loads of fun!

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  12. Wonderful headboard...just love it and the bedroom! Also the hardware shown in the one picture!
    Yes, spring is almost here in Pa. and I can't wait:)


  13. Hi beautiful your bedroom looks! Your dreams must be even sweeter now!

  14. Very nice! Looks lovely. Thanks for stopping by today. Glad to have you.

  15. Hi Ellen...

    My friend, you did a great job on your bed makeover! Wow...I am sooo impressed with your carpentry skills! Love how you added all the pretty mouldings to the headboard and footboard! Beautiful bed linens too! I sooo enjoyed your bed redo and also the beautiful vignettes! Thank you for sharing your lovely home with us!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  16. I love the bed and the mantle, so beautiful! Amazing that this was a coffee table and I love your decor on the mantle! Lovely room girl1

  17. What a lovely room you've created. The bed looks so inviting and all the white touches are so soothing. I need to do my bedroom and I'm inspired after seeing yours. Really nice job. I'm visiting from Time Travel Thursday. I hope you stop by Cottage and Creek and say 'hi'.
    God bless,

  18. Ok- I love a woman who can use tools. At my house- the tools are mine. The guys don't touch them.
    This make over is wonderful and the coffee table looks good in your bedroom. Love the mantle, too. My favorite are those ruffly pillows. Hope you have sweet dreams and can force yourself out of that room in the mornings.
    Hugs- Tete

  19. Your bed turned out beautiful! I love that mantel too!

  20. Your room looks great!! We are just about done a kitchen reno and I can hardly wait to put on the finishing touches! I am your newest follower!! so look forward to seeing what other great things you come up with. I too am living in faith :)

  21. Thank you Ellen for linking that up!

  22. Ellen, What a creative make over..I love the new look. I'm tired of so much wood, but my hubby wont let me paint our stained woodwork!
    I'm now your newest follower as I just have
    to visit more..

  23. Oh what a pretty bedroom!! The ruffled/gathered pillow are just lovely and I love the toile print.

  24. that is a fantastic transformation!!! I LOVE it! It looks just beautiful in it's new state. I bet you love waking up in your new bed :) Thanks for linking this up!

  25. HEY Ellen, I'm new follower visiting from BrambleBerry Cottage, I love the headboard made from and old coffee table, I love to go to my sisters pack houses and put a little TLC and re-purpose, I'm always doing something down Loblolly Lane, please come for a visit and check it out, I love working with power tools too.Would love your comment.


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