Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm here with a gorgeous gift

Hi everyone! Hope life has been awesome toward you since I've last been around. Thank you for your patience and kind emails asking what's up with the long silences over here. Well, the truth is that since I got back from Michigan, I've been deeply involved with an ongoing and rather intense project (work kind of stuff.... boring and frustrating). I had hoped to post earlier this week, but someone decided to work from home all week which means no computer for me. More delay and well, you get the idea.

Sooooo, on a much happier note,  I finally have an opportunity to show you what I received a couple of weeks ago from a very talented and generous soul who sent me my Pay If Forward Gift. I was so excited to get this.... truly the spirit of Christmas as a small child. I had no idea what it would be, but I knew it would be awesome. The heart behind this gift is Danielle over at My Blessed Serendipity Life.
Don't you just love how she wrapped it in a vintage dress pattern and made the perfect touch with the newspaper flower? I sure do!

It's the perfect necklace for me! I just love it! As I told Danielle, if I had all of the necklaces to choose from, this is exactly the one I would choose. Did you notice the small heart dangling from the bottom of the charm with the words "spread love" over lace.... love that!

Thank you Danielle! I truly am loving this beauty and even more knowing that you made this work of art. Ya'll go over and say hi to Danielle and be sure to tell her what an awesome creation she made, ok? Hopefully I can soon get things more uh, organized and back on track over here and have some time to go a visitin' over at your place. It's on my calendar... somewhere amongst all the other behind stuff gotta do now should have done already.  ya'll pray for me..... ;))  Have a most awesome weekend, see you soon.  xoxo,

Friday, April 8, 2011

Amazing store

While I was in Michigan for little Sophia's birth, I made a quick trip over to Marshall, MI to visit the children's clothing boutique there. Directly across the street from the children's boutique is the most amazing antique store called "Amazing Grace". I have been there several times and every time I just drool over all the amazing stuff in there. Wanna see?

 Being there just inspires me to want to redo my entire house with this just fabulous vintage finds!
Hope you all have great success in your treasure hunting this weekend, can't wait to see what you find!