Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What a Wednesday this is!

When I woke up this morning, I thought I had my usual day planned out and would be participating with a few pictures in White Wednesday. However, when I opened my blog I discovered that this very talented and thoughtful Girl had left me a surprise in comments.

 Meet Kay Ellen over at Kay Ellen Design.  If you have not been to her blog, you are missing out! Kay Ellen not only has a really ultra cool name, uhumm, but she has amazing design talents that make me drool. I so want her to come to my house and
       pull it all together with her creative talents. 
Kay Ellen is not only interior design talented, but she travels to some very amazing places that are equally drool worthy. She also has the creative talent to make really great bags like this one even better with her embellishing touches. She is blessed with a large and close circle of family and friends.

 Go over and say hi to her. She has a really engaging blog that I just know you'll love too. Oh and she host giveaways. I know 'cause that was what her sweet comment to me was regarding. She was letting me know that I won her giveaway by the literal luck of the draw!! 

How cool is that!   Thank you Kay Ellen!!

Ok - here's the rest of my pictures  for white wednesday 
(the above pictures are of talented Ms. Kay Ellen).

I have a few changes coming to this blog in the very near future. You, my faithful ones, are not going to want to miss this 'cause it'll be all about you! 
Ok, back to the garage to finish the other white wednesday I have going on with all the painting 'n painting 'n painting....


Monday, September 27, 2010

Catch me if you can!

Hi Girls and you too, you Old Geezer  ;)  I just had to drop in  to say hello and let you know I'm still here and hope that all of you are well. It has indeed proven to be one very whirlwind of a month and I'm not done yet. I have much to share and am anxious to be able to do so, but kinda under time constraints for this week. Geez, are you as tired of hearing that as I am writing that.... just askin' 'cause it really is all good!
One thing I will take the time to show you so you can get a visual as to why I am so spotty in my postings lately. I have been working on a number of projects racing against our crazy weather and diving in and out of other obligations. But first a question: How do you make a cherry dining room table disappear?

Well if you are anything like me, you won't sell, won't even consider putting paint on such gorgeous wood and have no room in which to store or repurpose this beauty. Yet I REALLY wanted a white farmhouse style table. What to do??  So the answer is this:
Break out the power tools and make a facade to go over the cherry dining table!! Ta-dah!! yep, I did. And you are gonna see quite a few pictures with this new beauty in the background. I love it. Every time I see it, I have to smile. I had quite a few giggles with Mark when he got home from work that night after I did this. He had a hard time trying to figure out where our cherry table went ;)

One more thing, this is the week of Kentuckys' blow out yard sale weekend : The Roller Coaster! I so can not wait for this one!!! Yeah!!

   Ok, I'm outta here yet again. I'll try to slow down enough soon to do a fly by your roost to say hello this week. I know that a number of you are having the same busy life as I am so please know that I so appreciate your visits and each of you and truly can not wait to stop in your place to say hi. Take care Girls and Old Geezer.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thank you for being you

I had a quick minute and so I wanted to pop in and tell all of you awe-inspiring Girls how much I so very much appreciate each and every one of you. You all truly make my day with your uniqueness and thoughtfulness toward others. What a desirable combination - and you all have it!

Thank you for your visits, kind, funny, encouraging words. Thank you for your enduring stories, sharing your how-to's and what-up to's, your life happenings with the rest of us, & for being uniquely you. All of you keep life very interesting!

Here is an endless supply of oxoxox's for all you!! Have a sunshine kind of day!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good Morning Girls!

Wow, is it really a week later?! Oh my. This is the first time I've sat down in front of the computer in days. Seriously. Days. Mark and I have been scurrying about trying to get those annoying smaller details done around here. Which of course always seems to take much longer than originally "suspected".
I have been working on a number of other booth and home projects. One project in particular I hope to share within a couple of days.
But until then.... ;) 
I hope all of you have been well and enjoying your projects and days.
I am also hoping to stop in to see each of you later today just to visit and catch up. Can't wait!

Until then, enjoy the feast of life!

linking to for White Wednesday- hope you have a chance to go visit these other creative girls!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Fall" for thought

It seems that with the change of seasons, there is a need to re-organize and clean around my house. But there is something different about the process this year. I can't quiet explain, but my soul feels restless and unwilling to settle for "the usual".

 I have been on a very long journey trying to evaluate what is really worth holding onto and pursuing in my life from every angle. I'm believe that I'm ready to soar past the dreaming stage and move up to the living stage of life.  However, I have to keep reminding myself that I have to wait on Daddy's timing to bring things together "for my good, and His glory". That is the hard part. Waiting.

I strongly sense that He wants me to "turn from this mountain and move".  He promised that He would make all things new again. With Him, everything is new and in the today for our tomorrow. I've been having a lot of conversations with Daddy lately. It seems that I'm easily overwhelmed these days. He has shown me that I'm trying to hold my yesterdays while "dreaming" of my tomorrows. Something has to go for something else to arrive.

So, while I wait, I will sing a New Song for it is the sacrifice of true heart felt praise that He most desires and that is the very least I can do for Him after all He has done for me and mine. 

He is amazing isn't He? After all we have done, and He is still here with wide open arms to forgive and love. I want to be like that and yet seem to be so far from it. Just as my Associate Pastor said to husband Mark and I in church picnic conversation this past weekend, His children are just "walking on grace". Think about that one for a moment.
May you have a lit up, peaceful, joyful day Girls. 


linking to Faded Charm for White Wednesday. Be sure to visit these other talented ladies there!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hello? It's for you!

Good Morning Girls!!
So sorry for the long pause since the last post, but husband Mark and I have been all over the place doin' all kinds of stuff and working like Christmas elves trying to get our deadlines met on the work load. I'm hoping to have all of my out of house commitments taken care of today so I can spend the day in my pj's tomorrow while I take care of the loads of computer work piling up on me. 
Anyway, such is life right? ;) 
I pray that the days have been well with you and hope to get around to y'alls place really soon and read what you've been up to. So know for now that I am thinking of you all and hoping that these last awesome days of weather are hugging your hearts with peace and inspiration.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A little Tired, A lot Happy!!

Traveling the quiet road of Highway 31 through Kentucky yesterday was not only successful for a Thursday (not many people participating until Friday, Saturday & Sunday), but it was scenic. See the house up there? Yard sale. I had an open invitation to go to many homes like this one. Here is a close up of this  old beauty.

Check out this other house that I got a close up visual on during the yard sale trip.

The really funny thing is, these homes are so not the nicer, antebellum Kentucky homes. Not even close. This is the down side of traveling alone. I saw the really stunning antebellum homes to late to grab my camera and there was ALWAYS someone driving right behind me on this 2 lane highway. 
I would be driving along enjoying this country view,

and Bam!! There stood a magnificent beautiful old Kentucky Home! Stunning behind the grove of trees that hides her from the highway until you are right upon her. Oh well. Here is quick glimpse of  the little town that I spent the better part of my afternoon in. 

So ya wanna see what I got do ya? Ok, but this is not all of it. This is only what is in the house. The rest is in the garage waiting to be cleaned, refurbished and stuff. So here ya go....

I wish that you all could have been with me. It was quiet an adventure to put it mildly;) Oh, and FYI for anyone interested, at the end of September (30th and October 1,2) this area of Kentucky will be pouring out for the final yard sale blow out. Apparently it is such a major deal, that everyone participates in one way or another. The locals call it the "Roller Coaster" because it is on highway 63 and this highway dips, curves, swerves like a roller coaster. A large number of locals were quiet a buzz about this event! So on my calendar it goes!!

Well, that does it for me for now. I am just slightly tired from all of yesterday and this morning treasure hunting. I hope that you all are having a wonderful day and I will see you all later...


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

guess what I'm doing tomorrow?!

Click here to see a map of this historic corridor.

Mark your calendars now for the upcoming 31W Treasure Hunt/Yard Sale.Thursday - Sunday, Second Weekend in September from Louisville to Nashville and beyond for food, fun and adventure. Call (270) 670-3741.

There is another side of Kentucky and Tennessee. It lies along roadsides little traveled since the interstates cut a furrow through the countryside in the middle of the 20th Century. The old places still exist along US31W and US31E, where you will find our heritage alive and well.

Revisit the early settlements of the nation's heartland and some of the most contested grounds of its Civil War.

Discover natural wonders, timeless antiques and national and state historic sites.

Come and take the roads less traveled . . .

US 31W

This is an old, old road. The buffalo started it, following the easiest path, and the Indians followed them. Settlers found the path ready-made and by 1826 stagecoach wheels rolled where your tires roll now.

Highway 31W was the first paved highway in Kentucky and the first toll road. Travelers have referred to it as the Post Road, the Shipping Port to Salt River Road, the Valley Turnpike and the Louisville to Nashville Turnpike. But mostly, folks calls it the Dixie Highway.

Discover this road for yourself. From the Farnsley-Moremen Landing in Louisville to the Civil War battlefields of Munfordville to the historic stations of Tennessee, US 31W threads through the heritage of the American heartland.

US 31E

Once a buffalo trail, Highway 31E later became known as Pioneer's Trace, Old Kentucky Turnpike and then Jackson Highway following the political career of Andrew Jackson. This historic road system, from Louisville to Nashville, was also a major route for General Bragg and the Confederate Army invading Kentucky. When Interstate 65 was built, this road traveled at a relaxed pace.

Revisit the past and see historic homes, museums and timeless treasures. Tour Lincoln's birthplace and boyhood home, My Old Kentucky Home, "The Hermitage" and many other sites along the way. See breathtaking views and beautiful countryside, old country stores and historic downtowns. Ride a passenger train and enjoy dinner in a dining car.

Uh, yeah, this is what I'll be busy doing... I soooo can not wait!! Geez, this is better than waiting for Christmas morning to happen!! Don't cha' just love being a grown'up n' all!!