Thursday, September 2, 2010

Finally can stop for a minute and say Hello. I have been working against the calendar to get things ready for the booth since this will be a long weekend which translates to more than usual number of shoppers. I love that!

My little hallway is full of things to go into the booth. See the big suitcase to the back of the picture? That hefty guy is packed to the gills with all the smaller items. There is more in my little truck too. This is just what is left that honestly, I'm too tired to deal with just now. All of these things and more is what I have been working like a mad woman to sand and paint for this particular weekend.
Anyway, it's gonna be a busy one this weekend is. Yep. So with that, I wish you all a wonderful and relaxing evening.



  1. I tryed to post this 3 times last night,,and it never would go through.. let me try again this morning..!!!!
    Hey Ellen,,, thank you for the sweet comment on my post yesterday.. And I am so happy if my post bring you comfort or encouragement.. the fact of the matter is,,these post are just daily reminders to me to do the right thing, or try to keep my mind going in the proper directions,,but it is nice to hear that someone else needs to hear them too..
    But you are so sweet and I am so glad to have become such good blogging buddies..
    And look forward to you and i getting to know each other even more..
    Have a great weekend my friend.. and I will see ya again real soon
    God Bless


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