Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hello? It's for you!

Good Morning Girls!!
So sorry for the long pause since the last post, but husband Mark and I have been all over the place doin' all kinds of stuff and working like Christmas elves trying to get our deadlines met on the work load. I'm hoping to have all of my out of house commitments taken care of today so I can spend the day in my pj's tomorrow while I take care of the loads of computer work piling up on me. 
Anyway, such is life right? ;) 
I pray that the days have been well with you and hope to get around to y'alls place really soon and read what you've been up to. So know for now that I am thinking of you all and hoping that these last awesome days of weather are hugging your hearts with peace and inspiration.


  1. Hello Ellen, Life is good! I love a PJ day! enjoy yours,

  2. Hi Ellen glad you are back missed you. Keep cozy on your PJ day.
    Love ya, S


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