Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good Morning Girls!

Wow, is it really a week later?! Oh my. This is the first time I've sat down in front of the computer in days. Seriously. Days. Mark and I have been scurrying about trying to get those annoying smaller details done around here. Which of course always seems to take much longer than originally "suspected".
I have been working on a number of other booth and home projects. One project in particular I hope to share within a couple of days.
But until then.... ;) 
I hope all of you have been well and enjoying your projects and days.
I am also hoping to stop in to see each of you later today just to visit and catch up. Can't wait!

Until then, enjoy the feast of life!

linking to for White Wednesday- hope you have a chance to go visit these other creative girls!


  1. Hi Ellen,
    A lovely arrangement of candles, putting me in a calm and relaxed mode this morning. Thank you for that. Looking forward to seeing your next project. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  2. I love your silverware candleholders. Very creative. Thanks for sharing. ~~Sherry~~

  3. We'll be waiting for the reveal-Happy WW

  4. Well if those candles aren't adorable on your silverware then I don't know what is!! LOVE candle glow anywhere! Happy day!

  5. Hi Ellen! Thanks for your sweet comments about my new booth. It seems like there are not enough blogging minutes in one day! I can't keep up with all my favorites and you are one of them!
    Jack is doing very good using his leg as normal now. I have only lost him twice outside so if I can stop letting him go we might keep him for a long time! He takes off like a rocket and I'm running barefoot on a rock road screaming at him. A car stop to help and yeld at me to stop chasing him so I dropped to the ground and he went right up to them. It took me a while to recover from that. I'm 57! So it might keep me young. This is my first grandchild.
    Enjoy your evening sweet friend,

  6. I could almost smell those candles! What a great vignette and post! Happy WW! :)mercedes

  7. I love candles...such a romantic feeling:)
    Sometimes we need to stop and take a rest from the old computer:))

    Have a blessed week!

    Kay Ellen

  8. There's just something restful and relaxing about beautiful candles. I hope you find that in all the busyness too.

  9. Hey Girly... so sorry i havent been around lately. its been a bit of a crazy week.. and i have not gotten a chance to visit anybody lately..but I am looking forward to Friday..other than my school run,, i have the day I will be by to visit more then...
    The yoga class was really cool.. and I so need that down time to be STILL.. life has just been tooooooo busy for me lately.. I need to start simplifying things before my colitis starts acting up..but so glad you stopped by to check on me.. That means a lot to me..
    Love ya friend.. I will be back to visit with you on Friday.. until them have a good day.
    Love ya Friend..

  10. Hi Sweetie,
    Thanks for sending some love to me it has been a bit manic as I am trying to get organized, be diligent in writing, blogging, creating, painting being a wife, homeschooling and leading my home group "THE W.A.L.L. (Watchmen Actively Loving the Lord)
    Just wanted to shoot my love back at ya, Stay sweet and know you are in my heart and prayers, Always, Kiss Kiss :* :*


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