Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More about Franklin, TN

Wow, y'all really like Franklin don'tcha!! Well alrighty then!! That's good because I had mean't to take a walk around for the sake of pictures to share with you, but ended up spending almost 6 hours in my little booth the other day. But 'cause I'm there in my booth every week, I have plans to walk around tiny Franklin and snap pictures of some of the most amazing and historical homes in the area. Franklin is famous because of its role in the in the Civil War. It was named after Benjamin Franklin. Yep, that Ben Franklin. The true heart of Franklin is tiny. Really, tiny. Not much bigger than a postage stamp. So it is not a big deal to park and walk. Daddy in His infinite wisdom, has worked it out, I think, that by the time I do have the opportunity to walk around for your viewing pleasure, fall will be showing off around here. It is quite stunning against the back drop of these beautiful historic homes.
New Main Street 2009

It really does take a couple of days to see it all if you actually plan to come visit. This is not some place that you'll want to race through. You'll miss way to much if you do. I suggest finding a bed and breakfast to stay in order to really heighten the whole step back in time trip. No you won't find horse and buggies here, but the entire "downtown" is nothing but historical.

My little booth is right in the heart of antique district - I love that! That is why I choose this particular mall after shopping there for over 20 years (geez, did I just type "20, years!! Excuse me for a moment. I have to go check my drivers license for my REAL birthdate and do some math!!!) .
Franklin just printed these new fangled maps for those of us who just can't seem to get enough of the good 'ol stuff.

See that blurry mess just right above here?
Yeah, if you can make it out, number 6 is my home away from home, The Franklin Antique Mall. Yep, right in the heart of antique district! Love that, thank You Daddy for such a privilege!!
When you step outside the mall, this is the view you'd see. Uh, that is numbers 5, 7, 8 on the above map.

Yep, uhhumm. This is why I love coming to Franklin and lose about a day in doing so.
Tuffy wanted me to tell you that she is working on a tutorial for y'all 'cause I don't really make tutorials, so she is doing this for me. I'd love to have the patience to make a tutorial for y'all, but seriously, that is not my area of expertise. I love to read along with those who have such patience and talents, but sorry, I am not good at that. So here is a quick look at how far Tuffy has gotten with her tutorial on making a silverware wind chime. And she can drill too!!

She's choosing her pieces to use for the wind chime.

Now, she's getting ready to drill, but first she has to make sure that this is "the right piece 'n all".

Look'a there, the Girl can drill now!!

Ok, she's done all she's a'gonna do for today 'cause it's nap time obviously! And, oh, sorry no autographs at this time please. The queen is nappin' after all!

Have a great day!



  1. Ellen... I just love you... i wish we lived close , so we could hang out..
    I was honored as well and encouraged by your comment.. I am at this moment going through the Brier Bush of Thorns.... I had to come to the lord this morning and ask him to make me a quick learner.. Im not sure what he is trying to teach my husband and I ,,but we must not be getting it.. :( My husband is unemployed again,, and my life is very uncertain..and to be honest ,,i dont do change very you encouraged me to know that this is a season of time.. no my Future..
    Please keep me in your prayers.. and Im am so glad if God is using me to speak confirmation to you..I think it is part of his plan to let us become friends.. and lean on each other..
    well thanks again for you sweet comment and have a great Wednesday...
    Love Ya my friend...
    See ya soon

  2. I wanna visit!
    thankful for the Lord's leading for you and your honey.


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