Friday, March 11, 2011

Faith & Friends Friday, 4

Good Morning to all! I hope that everyone is having a good day. I don't know about you, but my heart is rather heavy this morning with the news of Japan and the potential threat to Hawaii and our West Coast. So please bear with me. I'm distracted in my thoughts as my heart is with those in this situation. Let's not forget to pray for them.

Thank you to ALL of you who visited me in this past week and especially thank those of you who slowed down long enough to leave your most amazing, funny and encouraging comments!! I really appreciate you letting me know you were here! A special shout of thanks to those of you who signed the Wall of the Beautiful and Chic who are now following me on this journey of life. Thank you! In celebration of reaching 100, I have a giveaway that will start on Monday so you'll have to tune back in for that Celebration!

I also want to thank Denise at The Pink Postcard for featuring my bed this week! I introduced you to her in last Friday's Faith & Friends episode and was pleasantly surprised by her choice of featuring my bed make over!!  Every week she host the Transformations & Treasures linky party. If you've not been there to link in or visit, you have gotta go. There's some pretty amazing stuff over there!

Someone else to be sure to visit and say hello to, is Laura Lynn over at Enjoying the Simple Things. Yes, I've talked a few other times about Laura Lynn, but if you've not been there or haven't been lately, you are really missing out. You have to read what she wrote yesterday (Wednesday quotes on enduring life's trials). Her writing talent will take you right into the moment she is writing about with such detailed visuals. She writes with and about substance and integrity with such a pure heart. After reading her post yesterday, I was literally in tears. You'll have to read for yourself. It was THAT great!

Someone else to go and say hello to, is Sherrie over at Vintage Affaire. She has a love of vintage things and has the lovely blog to prove it. Her blog has lots of pictures with her vintage finds that she picks up from a variety of places. She's like so many of us, loves the "junk" stores. She set a beautiful table earlier this week with her stunning finds. You'll swoon over it, really!

arborhouse button3 For more chippy paint and vintage treasures, you'll not be disappointed over at Alaina's house, Arbor House Lane. Her home is comfy and well loved with things from yesteryear. Lots of chippy, happy paint, creative ideas and a few how-to's abound over at her house. She generously throws open her door and welcomes you in!

While your out and about, stop in and say hi to Bonnie, The Hopeless Romantic. Her blog title very accurately sums up her homes' look. She has wit & humor that flows throughout her personality. Her home is hopelessly romantic with it's shabby chic look, ruffles, pink and if you love cherubs, she has that too. I don't know how she did it with a house full of guys, but Girl Power to her shabby chic home!

One more thing. Earlier this week Danielle at My Blessed Serendipity Life answered the call to join in  the Pay If Forward Challenge. When I read about it in Danielles' posting, I signed up to join in. I really love and am excited to be a part of something bigger than myself in Paying It Forward. It's a challenge. Really something we should make a part of our daily lives anyway. Not to receive anything back. Not to receive attention or credit. Unselfish love, simple as that. I love that, don't you? I am making this challenge to all who read my blog, but the FIRST FIVE PEOPLE who comment on my blog to accept the Pay It Forward Challenge, will receive a handmade gift from me. In return, you must FIRST write a blog post explaining Pay It Forward 2011. Then you in turn, send out a handmade gift to the first 5 visitors who leave a comment.
It's like ripples in the water, the love is spread & spread & spreads more by paying it forward. Who wouldn't want to be a part of the rippling effects of love?

So, even though 5 committed people need to comment that they accept the challenge, it doesn't mean you can't leave a comment just to say hi.  'Cause I love hearing from you and going a' vistin' over at your place too.

Well, that's a wrap for today. I hope to hear from all of you and see you again soon. Don't forget to come back Monday and be a part of the 100 Celebration! Have a great weekend. Love to you all!



  1. I know, I've been watching the TV all morning and these pictures and video from Japan are so devastating!! I can't believe it!

  2. Cara Ellen è molto triste quello che è successo in Giappone!Speriamo bene.Presto andrò a curiosare nei blog che hai fatto conoscere.Grazie dei tuoi bei commenti a me ,felice fine settimana,un bacio,Rosetta

  3. Very sad day! I live on the west coast...Vancouver Island beside the ocean. We have been having heavy rain and winds. It seems to have hit Tofino and so far we are okay.

  4. Ellen passa al mio blog,c'è un premio per te,Rosetta

  5. Dearest Ellen,

    Yes, indeed our hearts are heavy because of so many people who are living through such burden. Only prayers can help here.
    Congratulations for being chosen by Rosetta for the blog award!
    I'm already a follower and loved the pictures of your baby girl with her Marine and cute little one. You are blessed! And the USA is blessed with courageous people like your son-in-law and all that serve!
    Have a great Sunday!



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