Friday, March 4, 2011

Faith and Friends Friday, 3

                                                       (photo courtesy of Dino De Luca's portfolio)

Can you believe it's Friday already!?! Yeah is all I can say about that 'cause my Baby Girl is another Friday closer to having Baby!! It's also time for Faith and Friends Friday spotlight to shine on some visit worthy fellow bloggers. First, however, I want to say thank you to those of you who signed the Wall of the Beautiful and Chic, to follow my journey in this life. I also want to thank all you who are so thoughtful and kind to take a moment and leave me such awesome comments. I do read them all and am encouraged by your thoughts, wit & humor, and just outright thoughtfulness. Thank you!!

Now, I'd like to introduce you to Tete who recently gave me an award of which I am most gratefully humble for her choosing me to pass it onto.

It's an award for bloggers who are not ashamed to post about praying, faith and are the first ones to leave kind words and prayers for those in need. About shining your light without boasting, for being a prayer buddy without asking, for going the extra mile to hug someone with your words, those who inspire faith, hope and love in their posts.

Hence, the gratitude and humility for receiving such an honorable award. Thank  you Tete for your kindness and thoughtfulness in choosing me. Back at you, Girl! There are no rules to this award, other than to pass it onto others who inspire by faith in their blogs. Immediately a few people came to my mind.

Karen at Glass of Sweet Tea, Danielle at My Blessed Serendipity Life,  and Sandy at Farmhouse Chicks.

Tete is the blog author of Beyond the Garden Gate. She is the daughter of a Baptist preachin' man and married to the son of a Wesleyan preachin' man. She has a fantastic blog filled with humor, insight, personality and just an all around uplifting place to visit. Almost daily there is something posted at her place that will make you smile, giggle and out right laugh about. Like the rest of us, she too is working on beautifying her home. If you've not been to visit her, you gotta go meet her!

This week I'm talking about these afore mentioned Girls and would like to also introduce you to a few other Girls whom you may not have yet met that I've had the privilege of meeting recently. Again, in no certain order, first is Jane at Jane's Junk and Treasures. Talk about innovative! This Girl has it going on in that department! Her beautiful home is decorated with the vintage treasures that'll she has on display in a way that each piece can be appreciated and make sense- not to forget, added humor to the decor as in her chicken coop. Yep, she also has chickens! Say hi to Sweet Pea & Pearl for me, ok Jane?!

Next is Ann over On Sutton Place. Ann's blog has some fantastic floral pictures happening lately! She is keeping us current on the home trends while giving a view into some of her rooms in her beautiful home.  This Girl knows how to create a table scape and you should see how she has her decorative plates arranged in her dining room, oh and let's not forget the toile on those fabulous lampshades! Creative, crafty and just well put together.

Last, but certainly not least, is Denise at The Pink Postcard.  Denise has a beautiful home too. Currently, she is remodeling her bathroom and you have to see her inspiration picture. Swoon!! She has an artful way of creating vignettes using treasured old with new stuff & it looks great. She is handy with tools and  a sewing machine. Which means, the Girl is creative and can produce some very ideal re-purposed stuff, like her gun rack. Don't ask, just go see for yourself. If you're looking for a new linky party, she's the Hostess of Transformations and Treasures, much fun to be had at her party!

Alrighty then! Now you have a list of Girls to go say hi to, so off you go!! Have a fantastic weekend ya'll!! Come back and see me soon!



  1. Ellen, you are so sweet and I was so tickled to find that you have passed on the award. I can't wait to meet these ladies. I hope you have a fun weekend and the sun shines on you!
    Hugs- Tete
    PS- I'm married to the son of a Wesleyan preacher man.
    We're both preacher brats!

  2. hi Ellen, thanks for reporting these girls creative. there is always something to learn!
    I apologize for my English I'm studying to do better :-)


  3. Ellen thank you so much!!! How sweet are you!!
    Oh my gosh I don't know what to say!

    Gurl you know I love your blog and to tell you the true, when I'm at work sometimes I just hit your page for the music!!! It always makes me smile and the day go by faster!!

    And yes I'll tell the girls you said hello!!

  4. Thank you dear sweet Ellen for thinking of me and passing on this beautiful award to me. I am humbled and honored and must say that YOU have a beautiful light that you cast in honor and love of our Father that you so affectionally call DADDY.


  5. Thank you again my girlfriend for life..I am sorry i didnt forward the last award you awarded me,but I am in a better place to do that now..the only problem is that I would pass it right back to
    Monday morning I will be forwarding the wonderful award to some of the wonderful prayerful woman that I have meet in the blogging world..
    Love ya as always..have a great weekend my friend..I am so excited about this is the first Full weekend we have had since we moved..we have either been driving back and forth to our old house or packing and unpacking,,so this weekend we are going to just have fun.. :) pictures to come know

  6. How nice of you to visit me and leave such a nice comment.

    It sounds as if you have some wonderful blogs recommended here...I will have to go and check them out. Have a happy day!

  7. Hello Ellen,
    Congratulations on your wonderful award. You have such a kind spirit. Thanks also for sharing more blogs with us.
    Your bed turned out amazing, and I love the old books on the mantel. Best wishes for your new grandbaby on the way...
    - Susan

  8. Hi Ellen! Thanks for your sweet comment. It's so nice to meet you. I will be sure to visit the blog your mentioned, and must say Tete is one of my favorite people!

    Looked at your blog and the cute post about your bed. Turned out so pretty.

    I've just become a friend and follower and hope you will consider same.

  9. Congrats Ellen!.....smiles....

  10. Hello! I gave you a little "hello" (so to speak!) in my latest post! :) Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!


  11. Hello again my friend.. Its monday and we had a good weekend,,hope you did too..
    I got on line this morning and was happy to pass along that precious award you gave me,, thanks again!!! you are so sweet..
    Well I know you said there were no rules, so i hope it was ok but I did award it back to you.:)
    Have a great week,,love ya my friend..
    Hey if you do Facebook, friend me.. Im under
    Karen Turner Long..

  12. Just found your blog from another blog. So pretty! Plan on scrolling down and reading other posts. Come visit mine sometime.

  13. Tete is wonderful! I am aware of some of these blogs - but not all - thank you for sharing - and for sharing your faith
    God Bless

  14. I've never seen this award aroung blogland, a very wonderful one it is! Congradulations, you so deserve it!



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