Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fun with numbers

Good morning Girls!! I pray that this day finds you safe and well. I'm just dropping in to show you what I've been up to for the last few days. I have been making these oh so fun chalkboard tags for the Etsy store.

I just could not resist the dual purpose of these mini chalkboards. Numbers on side and a mini chalkboard on the other. How Fun! Perfect for gift tagging or organizing. Speaking of gift giving, I've gotta go now - my Baby Girl called last night to tell me that she is driving her very pregnant self and my Big Boy G'son down to spend the week with me. They'll all be here tomorrow and I've much to do ;o))
Take care, be safe! Thanks for the visit and comments, by the way! It really does make my day!!


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  1. Hi Ellen,
    I am your newest follower...I tried to leave a message, but I think I exited too quick! So, I am starting again. So nice to meet you and see your beautiful blog...I love this song--I used to teach it in Sign Language.
    I hope you have a wonderful visit with your family.

  2. Well these DO look fun Ellen!! I have never made anything with chalkboard paint , but want to try someday! HA!
    Have a great time with your family!!

  3. Hi Ellen,
    Thanks so much for coming to visit! Have a fun weekend with the kids!

  4. Hello! You did a really great job with need to pay high prices!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting!


  5. So cute! I love being able to have graphics and chalkboard all in one. Thanks for visiting! xxoo Heidi

  6. Hi Ellen - What a cute set of numbered chalkboards! Have fun with your baby girl and her hubby and the new baby to be inside the belly! Happy weekend!

  7. I love these cute tags! Gotta go get some chalkboard paint!!!

  8. How cute are these? Have a nice visit with your family.

  9. Those are some sweet tags ~ you can have so much fun with that chalkboard paint, I love it. Thanks for stopping by. Dee

  10. We are truly sisters..
    I just went shopping and bought this cute little wall hanging shaped in a coffee cup with a peg board in the i took it out and sprayed the inside with Chalk Board paint.. so now when I get moved , I can hang it in the kitchen with a cute note I wrote on we are too much alike.. I love it...

  11. How cute...and versatile. ;)

    I know you're excited having loved ones visiting. My precious little granddaughter will be staying with me next weekend! I can't wait!

    Enjoy your company!
    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  12. Hi Ellen,
    I am loving your blog. We have so much in common. I have a Word for the Year, too. It is GRATITUDE. I just became a follower. I will be back soon.

  13. Dearest Ellen,

    Okay, via Rosetta I got here and follow you now.
    Good luck with all you do!



  14. Ciao Ellen,volevo avvetirti che ti ho assegnato il "premio Simpatia",è un premio virtuale,che ho avuto piacere da dedicarti.Passa al mio blog e leggi il post del giorno 8febbraio e vedi cosa devi fare.Ciao,Rosetta

  15. Super cute! What a clever gal you are!

  16. Adorable! I love crafts like this, I can actually do them:) Thanks for joining in on the newbie party. Have fun, and Happy Valentines day!~ XO


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