Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A few of my favorite White Wednesday things....

Oh my , it's soon to be Wednesday again... wow has time been flying! First off, Hi and Welcomed to all of my new followers!!!! Thank you for signing on to check into my little corner of the world. That means soooo much to me!!! Thank you and please come back often!!

Todays pictures are just a random collection of some of my favorites from this past year or so. Some of you may recognize the pictures, but hopefully they'll present themselves as being renewed in some way to you all. 

As we hop through the pictures, I thought I'd answer a couple, few of the most asked questions I received last week in comments and in the sweet emails.

Yep, that profile picture of me is current as of last August. I really am a Nana. My daughter and I have, all her life, been mistaken as sisters. I thank God for giving me my mothers excellent genes!!

Our little fur face, Tuffy is 11 years old this past November. She came to us as a tiny little puff ball of cuteness when she was rescued at the age of 8 weeks old. She's my constant companion. Don't know what I'd do without her!

Oh, now how did that picture of her slide in here?  Oh well, That's a face you gotta love!

yes, I miss my booth- some days. After I closed back at Thanksgiving, I narrowed down the singular aspects I most liked and was successful in by way of my booth. Now that I have a more defined picture, I am aiming more specifically in "that direction".. More to come on that later ;)

Yep, I'm still fasting. This is the last week and well, I'm not entirely sure I'll be stopping with everyone else as I have a great need for an even greater breakthrough in a few areas of my life... 

My latest project?? Wellllll...... It's been really small stuff as I have not physically felt up to the task of the bigger projects that I've completed in years past and I'm actually out of room here in the house to show anymore of my carpentry skills. :o

 Yes, I feel some what better and have been in and out of the doctors office since the fall. My final diagnosis is due next week as I have officially finished all my tests. My kidneys are still screaming as is my heart and lungs from all the inflammation. Turns out, my doctor has been looking to confirm SLE Lupus. It's pretty much a confirmed deal.

But no tears here. I've been in this rodeo more than a few times. It's time to saddle up and strap in!! Besides, I've got waayyy to much to do! My precious GrandBaby is coming! 

I've gotta pack, plan, buy a gorgeous girls dress and a boys suit. No, she's not having twins. She's just a smart Girl who listened to her Mama with the first child and is repeating with the second, to wait until Baby is born to find out the sex. She and her husband so enjoyed the pregnancy journey with Jackson, they wanted to repeat with the 2nd Baby. So we don't know what she's having!! YEAH!!! 

So if I seem a little slow getting around to you all, forgive me. I'm just a little side tracked with much to do ;0      Later this week, I'll probably post the Baby Memory Box that I've been working on for the past week. It's something that I need your opinion about in regard to the final details. I make these boxes all the time for clients, but this one, well it's such a special one that I can't seem to finish it. Tune back in and vote later this week ok?


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  1. Love the little chalkboard! I'm trying to find the perfect one for my kitchen right now :-)

    Happy Tuesday Darling! xo

    Oh, and be sure to stop by my blog for my swimsuit GIVEAWAY!!

  2. Beaufiful whites, thanks for sharing them, my daughter didn't want to know with the 1st but did with the 2nd:)


  3. You have a lot of beautiful whites! I hope all goes well with your health.

    Take care,

  4. lovely whites especially the chalk board

    happy white wednesday!


  5. Ellen,
    I am so sorry about your diagnosis. Congratulations on the Grandbaby. You have beautiful whites to show us today! Have a great week.

  6. Ellen, you have a fabulous collection of whites. Yay for a new grandchild. I am a RN who has cared for many SLE pt.'s and it can be managed and can go into remission. I see you are a believer and you know who is in control...God bless you! hugs♥olive

  7. Hi Ellen, I'm so glad to meet you, and I'm so glad you joined in on VIF! Love your wonderful photos and hearing of your life. As Olive above me just said, Knowing God and believing His hand is on us gives us courage and confidence!
    big hugs,

  8. Gorgeous pretties here, love that little papered cupboard and the fork and spoon candle holders!


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