Thursday, January 27, 2011

Playing inside today

Yesterday we awoke to find more of this outside, yeah for us...
So the Mr. stayed home to work, yeah for me.....
There is just something about when he is home, it's as if a child is hanging on my hip again... There is so much I could say here, but really, you know.....
Moving on....

Have I ever told you I have a fabric addiction? Well, I do and have had for as long as I can remember. There has to be a support group for addicts like me. I just can't seem to resist fabulous fabrics and linens.
I have a linen closet packed to the rafters with great linens. I have a shelf packed with fabrics. I have a locker basket packed with fabrics. I have fabrics spread out in the guest room. I have an addiction.

I've always loved French Toile Fabrics. Something about the story that the pictures tell and make me wonder about. This fabric combination is for my latest box I made. I had the inspiration from a client who wanted something very similar, so as I was making hers, I was planning my own. 

Yep, that's really burlap mixed with the French Toile fabric. I love it. It actually turned out slightly different than I envisioned, but better too. By the way, have I told you I "make" the boxes? Actual tablesaw cut, luann, measurements, and all? Well, I do. These are not cardboard or paper mach e boxes. These are challenging little wood boxes that I get a thrill out of covering with many fabrics and dressing up.

I have a small collection of the French Toile going on lately.. more than usual, is a better way of putting it. I love to mix the different prints and kinds of fabric to make an unexpected yet winning combination. 

I have this tan toile on my bedroom curtains mixed with a burlap fabric. It looks great. To bad I can't get a decent picture to show ya', sorry. 

The toile is popping up all over the house since I've been housebound thanks to the weather. I'll bet that the Mr. will be glad when it is decent outside and I can go OUT to play ;))

But until then, I'll have to entertain myself with all of this fabric loveliness.

I'll show you later the latest fabric project I've been working on. It has ruffles, toile, 'n all.... ;))
Have a great day Girls,



  1. We are inside today too but I may venture out and build a stylish snowman! I have a fabric addiction too - wish you were here so we could look over all our fabric together!

    I love Toile -I remember when I had to special order it for my daughter's room when she was little because it was no where to be found. I am so glad it's abundant now because it's a classic!

  2. Oh oh oh! Where did you get the tan toile? I got some (1 yard) about 12 years when a local fabric store was closing. Now I want some more and can't find it. Yours looks to be like the one that I had and used for my kitchen windows. I am with you on the hoarding of fabric. I have it all over and still buy more. I think I am obsessed! Love the black toile too. I need some of that for a Paris themed table I am planning!

  3. LOVE that toile, don't you? I covered some chairs in a tan on cream toile this summer. Very subtle, but I couldn't be happier.

    Have a great weekend,

  4. I never thought of burlap and toile fabric together...I have a tiny bag made out of toile,,,hummm...oh that antique shop is across from 100 Oaks on the side of the Staples store, sitting between Home's huge! Enjoy!
    Thanks for the Toile idea on boxes...cute stuff girl! Mel's Cabin

  5. Anch'io amo tantissimo la toile,io ho dei centri,dei tovaglioli,l'idea delle scatole è fantastica,Bacioni,Rosetta

  6. So beautiful, I love toile!... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. That is beautiful Ellen. Very nice job on the boxes. You have really great fabric. I love it too. The hardest thing was working at Joanne Fabrics. I kept finding more to buy. Not sure I brought home much of a paycheck.LOL

  8. Love all those fabrics. I didn't know Nashville had ice and snow again. My son lives there.

  9. How fun~~love the box!! Did you use the sealah tape? It works great on adhering burlap :))

    Have a blessed weekend...stay warm are really having a cold spell~~


  10. Hi Ellen,
    Oh--I love toile too! And I love your beautiful, but also, faith-filled!!!

  11. Hi Ellen,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I love fabric also. I'm not sure I have as much as you but I do love it. My dad was in the textile business maybe that's why.

  12. You create outside the box....for sure..just your fabric choices! Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog. I'll be back!

  13. Hi Ellen
    One can never get enough toile... I love it with the burlap and your boxes are wonderful
    Have a great weekend

  14. Acck, Ellen! I can't wait - what will you be doing with this wonderful fabric? If you start a fabricaholics anonymous club, I'll have to be a charter member. Thank you for being such an encouragement to me :). ~Hugs, Kim

  15. Absolutely gorgeous and I love the toile mixed with the burlap. You have really pretty colors in the toile. I love it too but only have some red on chairs I repurposed for Christmas but put up in the upstairs hall by a table the rest of the year.

    I can't believe you make the boxes too. How nice they must be and so sturdy. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your sweet comments. Have a great weekend.

  16. Beautiful and so creative! My creativeness is always in my head but the hands never seem to follow.
    and a big Thank you for visiting my blog.


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