Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finishing Details -Help!

Ok, creative Girls. I need your input here. I make these little 12" x 12" boxes a lot and usually the finishing details are not such a big deal. However, this one box is for the soon to be GrandBaby and Babys' mama is rather finicky so I need some input here.

I have the inside detailed and finished with fun and complimentary ribbon, but the outside top is the stumper.....

 I have no problem with repainting the "H" if needed. I have had clients who love their boxes decorated this simply with their initial or as in the next picture, with a large simple item, such as the flower.

But to me, it is just a little too plain. So I thought of trimming the edges with ribbon..... 

But which ribbon? I really like both of them and can see either of them being pleasing to my Baby Girl. That really helps, right ;o !

This is getting better, but still not convinced that this is quite the look. 

 Paint the "H" and add the fabric background??? Too much now??

Thank you for helping me out with your thoughts. Every thought is appreciated and needed. Hopefully I'll get this finished and post "The End" soon!!! Have an awesome day!!!



  1. Hi Ellen, Your boxes are just lovely, it is hard choose which one. However, I think my eye leans toward the H with no fabric behind it and the flower ribbon :)
    Thanks so much for stopping over to my blog and leaving your encouraging comments. I will probably be asking for some "good" recipes.

  2. Hello Ellen, thank you for visiting my blog,I got the bedding at Target about two years ago, But I know they have it on Ebay now It's Simply Shabby Chic. YOur boxes are beautiful I like the one with the H with out the ribbon but they all look good hard to chose.

  3. Hi Ellen,
    Nice to meet you!
    I was also thinking a bunch of lamp/candle stick holders would be cute!
    I'm on the hunt!

    You sure have some cute stuff!
    I will become a follower and I would love you to follow me!

    Box 1 with the H and the ribbon or the last one!
    Very cute!

    Great choice of music too!!

  4. Hi Ellen,
    I like the dotted fabric with just the *H*. I am really into simple these days. Too cute!!

  5. I love the ribbon with the little flowers on it. A white pretty fabric rose would be pretty in the middle too.Also like the green flower. What about pearls somewhere in there?

    Good luck and just have fun with it.
    God Bless,julie

  6. More is definetely better in my book-love the ribbon and the flower or letter is just whatever they prefer! Great Box!

  7. I love the dotted ribbon with the H and the flowered ribbon with the do great work with the boxes♥

  8. Have you tried overlaying the two ribbons?
    Love your options

  9. Hello, couldn't find your email - I am featuring you in my Inspired By YOU post that will be published at noon eastern time.

  10. Hi there- I love the box with the letter on it- but they are all so cute! Thanks for sharing this at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  11. Choices, choices! I like the simplicity of the plain "H" with the dotted ribbon, but I like the contrast of the green flower against the lid's fabric. Have you attempted to incoporate both the flower and the "H" together in some way? Or what about painting the letter a different color?

    Thanks for linking to the party. I hope to have you join me each week.

    By the way, I just joined you as a follower.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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