Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spring Fever and More!

Good Day my Best-est Girls! I pray ya'll had a great weekend. I've much to tell today and could hardly wait for Mr. to leave and go back to work so I could have the computer back... anyway, I've much to show.
First off, here is one of the projects I tinkered with over the weekend. As Marty so accurately put it recently, I've got cabin fever, spring fever, some kind-of-get-me-outta-here fever! So I've been daydreaming of spring days. Remember those days?
I found some left over silk flowers from another project that I'll show you on another day and played around with them trying to figure out something useful to do with them.
Just so happened to be an empty paper towel roll ready for the recycle bin, so I snagged that and cut it to size around the way to skinny stems of the flowers. Something to really grab a hold of, ya' know?

Then I hot glued burlap fabric to the very end of the tube to cover the opening.

To the very top of the tube, I added a strip of lace to cover the not so pretty plastic holder things for the leaves and to cover the little gaps at the top of the tube.

Then I covered the entire tube with burlap and added another strip of lace around the middle.

I also added some of the decorative filler ( that was part of the floral bunch) to the top of the tube to fill in there as it looked kinda' missing something. Looked ok, but overall kinda "blah". So I added a few lengths of lace and 3 rhinestones to the front top.

Once I was done, I was almost content with it, but something about it just did not set well with me and thee against my decor. The flowers were to white. Now, around here, everything is aged,  old, classic and timeless. This newbie was too new. Sooooo....

Tea Bath Time...  What do you think about it now?!! Huh - Huh?? Yeah, mucho' better!! 

Who'd uh thought Dollar Tree silk flowers could look so lovely?
This little beaut is going on display over at  Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays and the Happy Happy Housewife  and Trash to Treasure Tuesday linky parties. 

Now for the news to be shared, (I'm so excited and blushing too) -
See this award:  

Sweet and thoughtful Heather over at The Other White House gave this to me! I almost fell out when I received this from her!  What an honor! Thank you Sweet Girl!

 Now I am to pass it along to some more stylish bloggers as well.  Rules to play along.. 

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Ok, 7 things about me-self....hummm...here goes:

1.) I'm an organizational spaz - gotta have everything in place or else my world is out of order. I think it goes back to my corporate days as a VP of my company and had to  juggle, juggle and juggle and juggle my staffs stuff too... so don't miss that.

2.) I can not sit still- my poor Mother! in looking back at my childhood, it's no wonder she kept me busy with soooo many extracurricular activities when I was little. 

3.) don't tell anyone, but I thrive on change - I get really bored with the same-as-as-same- does routine. I have to have foundational routine, but in the grand scheme of life, I actually like "planned, purposeful, positive change". I detest negative, unplanned life changes. I really like "new". Maybe that's why I'm always moving stuff around in my decor, giving things away and bringing stuff in.....

4.) Speaking of bringing in - my "new" desire is less is more. I am really tired of living under the weight of stuff, so I've let go of lots and lots of things - and I LIKE it!

5.) I love meeting new people and keeping up with old friends - not so easy these days, but you Girls make it easier through Blogworld - thank you , thank you  and thank you!!

6.)  I'm an old black and white movie addict - Katherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracey, love them!

7.) Last but not least - I'm not and I actually refuse to give way to being on a strict schedule. I'm not a set in stone kinda person. I'll get there when I get there, know what I mean? Sure I abide by appointments and the time that Church starts, but otherwise, unless it's life or death -forget it, if I don't feel like blogging, cleaning, going - it ain't happen'. Life's a journey, not a race, mean't to be enjoyed and appreciated.

Now, for the Passing of the Award. This was REALLY challenging as I've met so MANY awesome and amazing Blog Girls out there and you all deserve an award just for being you!
Ok, Blog Roll please....

Karen at Glass of Sweet Tea -  Karen has been an unquestionable confirming word direct from Daddy every time I've needed to hear from Him. She's my real life Bloggy Friend too, who has lifted many peoples spirits with her realness and humor.

Laura Lynn at Enjoying the Simple Things - Laura Lynn makes me wish I was related to her just so I could hang out with her family 'cause they're always up to something. Humor and her real life self = her way of combining the two is endearing. She has an amazing photogenic eye too!

Sandi at Wayside Treasures - Sandi has this incredible way of giving the warmest hugs over the web... I dunno' how she does it, but she does! I love, love, love her decorating style of mixing the old much loved with the functional everyday pieces.

Kay Ellen at Kay Ellen Design - You've heard me talk about this amazing, decorating multi-talented woman before, but I have to nominate her as well. She has that perfected balance of mixing the mediums in the homes of her clients. And she is so generous, she lets us in on her family life too!

Marty at A Stroll Thru Life - Marty has such unique and inspiring decorating tips and how to's. Her home is soooo warm and inviting the way that she has it all pulled together. Not only does she invite you into her home, but her life happenings too. 

Sandy at Farmhouse Chicks - Sandy is another woman of faith that keeps me encouraged as she takes us all on her journey of life whether it be the inspiring book she is reading or the healthy food plan she is on. She's also got humor!

Kim at Cheap Chic Home - What can I say about Kim?! She literally stole my heart when I found her blog back before Christmas with her realness and humor. She lets us in on everything from what's for dinner to what the glue gun has she done now!

Rondell at Something Nice and Pretty - Rondell is alive with enthusiasm and creativity all throughout her home and life. She'll take you on the journey of her home in its transformation and her amazing thrifty finds.

Julie at Saltbox Treasures - Julie has a beautiful family and home of whom I just discovered a few weeks ago as well. She too, lets you know whats for dinner and keeps you in the know of her decorating achievements and thrifty smart craftiness. 

Ok, that's it! Wow what a post! Thanks for hanging in there with me. Now Go Visit These Amazing People and have a Wonderful day!!



  1. Awwww. thank you my friend...And the sweet things you said, are just so touching,,i love you friend.... I will be back later today to accept this award and follow the regulations..
    Have a great day.. I will talk to you again in just a bit..now i have to leave to go pick some kids from school.. xoxoxo

  2. I love that idea! Thank you so much for sharing:)

  3. I adore your tea-dyed roses! They have the perfect amount of "age". Thank you for the nice things you said about me, I really appreciate it! I saw you were cleaning in a prior post. How to you get rid of things that were pricey? I'd like to do some purging myself...

  4. Ellen,

    WOW! I feel so incredibly honored and humbled by your choice of me (and so many other talented ladies) for an award. Now call me crazy or call me chicken....but I don't know how to link back to you....total newbie here!

    So, give me a lesson on blogger linking and I will come over and accept right away!

    Oh...the tea roses? So apropos!

    You do think of everything!

  5. Thank you so much, it's my first award since I started this new blog in July and you truly made me one happy girl! Thanks also for the sweet words you said about me...did I say I was happy?:)

    I love those tea roses and how you aged them, great job, thanks for sharing!


  6. Thanks so much for the award Ellen! I am touched!
    Also, I love the tea stained flowers. You are right they were "too new" but looks like they have had a good time aging!


  7. I love old movies too! And I would looooove to be all organized! I try, but I never seem to be able to pull it all together. Oh well, something to aspire to, I guess! :-)


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