Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thank you and Look at how cute is this!!

Thank you precious Girls for helping me with your creative thoughts about the Baby Box. I'm not closing comments and am still open to hearing any and all input as I have not officially decided which way to go. Although I am narrowing it down, but please drop down to the posting from yesterday and let me know what you would do to finish this box off. Thank you again. 

I also want to send out some love to Ms.Kay Ellen for the Sealah Tape that she had sent to me earlier last year... 
Because I used it in this Baby Memory Box and am loving it!!! Normally I have to glue or stitch my ruffles together and boy is that time consuming!!! But not with Sealah Tape!! I am loving this tape now!! Wham, bam - Done!
You gotta get this stuff!!

Ms. Kathy of Delightsome Life left me the most unexpected comment that I could not let pass without saying thank you to her on my own posting. I was humbled to say the least, when I read that she was highlighting my little blog on her beautiful and thoughtful blog. Wow! What an honor to be chosen among the other inspiring blogs and of any other blog she could have chosen. All I can say is Thank you Kathy, all the glory goes to my Father. Please go visit Ms. Kathy and see how beautiful her blog is. She has a pure and generous soul that pours out of her blog. You won't be disappointed!

How adorable is this for my baby GrandSon Jackson!!! I could not resist getting this for him and his big boy self to wear to see his Mama and new sister / brother (?) in the hospital!! And because he is constantly kissing and hugging his Mamas' big ole belly, I had to get this for him to give his Mama. Don't cha just love that!!

In case you want to know, I found these little treasures at Best Baby And I am thrilled with them!!  I was not to sure about ordering from an unknown company, but they are speedy, communicate every step of the way and the quality of these to precious things is excellent! I can't wait to see my Baby Girls' face when she see's this!! Don't tell her about it though, she doesn't know! ;o



  1. Hey Ellen, that figurine is very cute, I have a client that is getting ready to have her first baby that would be so nic eto give her.where did you get it?

  2. Oh and Ellen may I invite you over to my good friend bonnie's new blog Romance under the stars, she has a beautiful Home. she is on my side bar. thanks Pattie

  3. That tape looks helpful. Congrats on your feature. Blessings, Kim

  4. Congrats on your feature, Ellen!
    What sweet things for your daughter and grandson! Congratulations on the new one to come!
    Jo :)

  5. What a delightful box full of love you are putting together, the hat really is cute and the figurine is just precious...Congrates on the upcoming grandbaby.

    I am itching for the next day care day so I can get into the wee one's room and see how I can attack it...currently it is full of boxes and daddy's computer desk...but he is getting evicted hehe.

  6. Hello Ellen
    Thank you so much for your Sweet Comments and the Visit.What a Lovely Box you are Creating!I don't have Grandchildren yet But I have Heard there is Nothing like being a Grandparent! Congratulations on your upcoming Grandchild!
    Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  7. OMG girl.. that figurine of the little boy iwth his head on his mommys stomach is priceless... love it.. I wish I would of seen that and got it for my daughter..
    Love ya girl.. so nice ot see you on here a little more often,, it leads me to think that you are on the up swing to feeling better.. yeah!!
    xoxoxox talk to ya soon..

  8. Congrats on your award, Ellen. Terrific! The gifts you are giving are just precious, and I like the polka dot ribbon on your box (previous post). The ruffles came out great on the side.
    - Susan

  9. Look at you Ellen~~~all crafty!!
    I love it :))
    So glad you are enjoying the sealah tape too!!

    Have a blessed weekend:))


  10. Ellen,
    Your blog is delightful. Just found you through Vintage Inspiration Fridays, White Wednesdays.
    Such a wonderful community of fellow believers I've found through blogging!

  11. The figurine is beautiful!! Is it by chance Willow Tree?? Thanks for the sweet comment that you left on my blog.

  12. How nice to be featured - good for you! The gifts are sweet. I love that figurine!

    As always, you inspire!


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