Friday, January 7, 2011

Watcha' doin?

Seriously ya'll, watcha' doin'? 

I am just a little wound up now that I've drank a whole pot of coffee almost finished the upstairs purging and well I just don't wanna do any more cleaning right now.

Sooooo, I tried to get Tuffy to play with me. You know a simple game of hide and seek can be really fun!
But somehow she just kept finding me or could not get the whole concept of "hiding" even though she has perfected hiding some of my shoes.  ( Note to self: must move couch in family room)
Needless to say, this idea did not last to long. So I had a brilliant idea of working on some more creative fun projects cause I'm like getting waaaaay behind in that. 
But somehow that seems to have lost its luster lately as well. Must be because it's so depressing outside. We're supposed to have more white wet stuff flaking out of the sky at some point today. yeah
Well, I guess I'll just go and do a little of this now

 So I'll leave you with a joke and you leave me a comment - ok? Ok, here goes:
A man was driving down the road with twenty penguins in the back seat. The police stop him and say that he can't drive around with the penguins in the car and should take them to the zoo. The man agrees and drives off.
The next day the same man is driving down the road with twenty penguins in the back and again. He is stopped by the same police officer who says, "Hey! I though I told you to take those to the zoo."
The man replies "I did. Today I'm taking them to the movies."


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  1. HA HA!! I LOVE IT ELLEN!!!! I will have to share that with my 11 year old granddaughter. She loves jokes. Happy day...I am off to clean out my bedroom closet. Wish me luck! :)

  2. That is so funny. I think you had too much coffee, or else like me you're way tired of the bad weather and getting a little stir crazy. lol Have a fun evening. Hugs, Marty

  3. :) Gotta love the effects of a little too much coffee...or in my case would be too much Spark...which I had today and became the tazmanian devil.

    My little chicks laughed and fluffed their feathers at your joke and vowed to cackle it to their fine feathered friends. Should raise the roof...penguins are a featherless but fearless friend!

    Be good now and get some more work done!


  4. I have an award for you! Stop by and pass it along!

    Heather :)

  5. lol... here is one for you..
    A man had a friend that let him go hunting on his property, so the man planned on taking his son this year, he confirmed with his friend that they could go hunting, the friend say Yes that is fine but could you do me a favor.. I have had this ole horse out there for 30 yrs, he is blind in both eye and so old, but i dont have the heart to put him down,while you are out there can you do it for me? the man said yes.. as him and his son pull up to the property he walks up to the barn and then back out to the truck, thinking "Hey I think i can have some fun with this" so he put on a false frown on his face and acts like he is mad,,, he says to his son,, can you beleive it,, he said we cant go hunting,,, Ill show him , so he grabs his gun and goes back to the barn and shoots the horse right between the eyes.. as he leans down to make sure it was a clean shot and the horse was out of his misery,, he looks up and his sons eyes were so wide and jaw dropped,,as the dad walks to his truck he hears 3 more shots.. and the son runs out saying,, go go go... I got 2 more of his horse and 1 of his cows....
    lol.. my son told me that one.. sad if you are a animal lover like me,,but still kinda a funny joke..

    Love ya.. talk to ya soon


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