Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Christmas Star Gift Tags

Here's a simple how to for you to use to make your own raised star Christmas gift tags. You'll need poster board, or medium to heavy weight card stock; ribbon, pipe cleaner, small glass beads, glue, pencil, sheet music, a star to trace and glitter glue.

Glue the poster board and lay the sheet music to the top and smooth out air and glue bubbles.

Once dried, trace your star with a pencil onto the sheet music. You'll need a back to the front of the star so for a better alignment to the front and back, I cut out enough of the poster board to fold it under the glued sheet music so I cut both (front and back) at the same time.  Then, I cut along the pencil traced line with one cut to equal the front and back pieces.

Using the blade of your scissors, fold each of the star arms around the blade to make it raised. After raising the star, glue the raised front to the back piece. Once the glue is applied and you have lined the front to the back piece, press gently all around the edges, working your way around the star several times to close the two pieces together.

Once the front is dried to the back, slather on glitter glue or apply a light aging paint or stain, it's your star so whatever you like to have the finished look to be is completely up to you. Once that is dried and done, snip a small piece of silver Christmas tree garland and lay on the top of your star. Go to your computer and with small font, type out your Christmas greeting (I used "Merry Christmas"). After that has printed, use your decorative cut scissors and cut the message out. Apply a very light coat of the same stain you used on the star or the glitter glue to the message and glue it onto the star over the snippet of tree garland.

Then snip a tiny bit of the pipe cleaner (for holly leaves) and glue it and two red glass beads (for holly berries) to the corner of your Christmas message.

After all of that is dried, turn your star over and glue to the back of your star a short piece of fabric ribbon to make a hanger.

Your finished gift tag should look something like this:

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