Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another Christmas Star to make

Here's a how-to for making plaster of paris stars that can easily be used to decorate with in your home, use as tree decorations or gift decorations, whatever you can imagine. I used the star, but you can use any form you have or want to do this. What you will need is plaster of paris, a cookie cutter, aluminum foil, cooking spray, ribbon and craft paint and glitter. To begin, mix the plaster of paris; enough to half fill your cookie cutter. Spray the cookie cutter with cooking spray so when it dries, it'll be easier to remove the plaster from the cutter without too much effort which could break it. After spraying the cutter, take a piece of aluminum foil to wrap around the cutter. Wrap the foil up around the bottom edge of the cutter to help minimize the plaster leaking through. There very well may be plaster that leaks through, so try not to mix the plaster to be to runny like pancake batter, but have enough water in the plaster so you can mix it smoothly yet with some thickness to it. After pouring plaster, cut enough ribbon to make a hanger and insert the ends of the ribbon into the top of the plaster and let dry.

Once it has dried and you have safely removed the plaster from the cutter, paint with your choice of craft paint. I choose the neutral color of cream so it will fit into any decor at anytime. After the paint has dried, smoother the star with glitter paint and a light coating of glitter. Again, I choose a cream glitter. If you feel really creative, you could glue a Christmas message or scene to the center of the star and then cover with a light glitter dusting. I did not take the time to do it here, but it is another idea for more interest to your stars should you have the creative time to do so.  The pictures do not do it justice, but it is a simple chic star statement when done. What do you think?

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