Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I didn't leave, actually

I know it has been un-excusable in my long term absence, but trust me, life has been well, different for me since I last posted. I can not go into all that I have been through in these last months, but suffice it to say, I'm not out of the dark, twisting woods yet, but had to surface long enough to say hello. A few of my excuses have much to do with this very handsome little man...

He celebrated his first birthday back in May and so that took some Nana planning to be with him and his sweet parents in Michigan for the monumental celebration of his big "1".

We in Nashville also had to contend with the unexpected flooding crisis. We are still in recovery mode but for the most part, we're good, well, steady anyway.

At the first of the year, I was in a art show and presented my magnetic chalkboards which actually went over very well.  So well actually, that I decided to give a booth a whirl and landed at the Franklin Antique Mall in Franklin, TN a few weeks later. Most all of the chalkboards are gone so in the place of them are antiques and vintage items. I started out with what I had stored away at home and have added to the mall collection since then.

You may remember that some time ago that I had a window cabinet that I made. It actually became my daughters' Christmas present and I made another one which I sold at the art show. But as you can see from the booth picture above, I made yet another one for the booth display and is available to purchase. I like it in the booth as it give a unique display for the smaller items. 

I have also been playing with my flowers and trying to make my little Canon camera behave a bit more like its more advanced brother by playing with different lighting and angles. Sadly, the little camera will only do what it was created to do within its limits. I really need a more upgraded camera. Oh well.  Check out the flowers from my gardens :))  
I have waited for years, I kid you not, to be able to have an overflow of my own flowers in this silver bowl. For the last several years we have had a freeze right after the flowers began to sprout buds and the poor plants just could not produce any flowers for the rest of the season. So at last I have what I have been waiting for so long and I love it!

My latest creative project was decorating some empty, blank bottles that I purchased this spring. I do apologize as the pictures are not as clear on the details as I hoped. But again, it's the Canon camera I have... just not capable of capturing such quality. Sorry.

These were actually a lot of fun to do and I have one of them in my booth space at the antique mall.

They would be great with some amazing fragrant bath oil or salt. They would make awesome flower vases too. No wonder I kept one for myself ;)

Currently I am working on a bare lampshade. Not quiet sure what I'm going to do with it as far as the fabric is concern. I already have the lighting fixture to suspend from the ceiling, but trying to decide on the final fabric finish is another story altogether.

So what are you up to these days?

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