Friday, July 16, 2010

Calling all creative minds

Happy Friday Everyone!!

I had to drop a post about some fantastic finds I had earlier today. This almost never happens to me - being the first one in on a fabulous find, but check out this comfortable rocker.
Ok, maybe not the best shot but this is the first picture I took of it before rescuing it from a cluttered room. Now, check out these doors I got for nothing. 

So here is my need for some creative input. This seems to be happening to me too much lately ; I have a wish list of items that I can't wait to find because when I do, I have serious creative plans for that wished for item. Lately, however, I have been finding what I've been wanting, but when I get it home, I can't figure out what to do with it because I can't really recall why I wanted it to begin with.  Maybe it's too much of my real life crowding out my creative dreams or just simply our southern humidity getting to me, who knows. Anywho, I am wide open for some creative input for putting these doors to use. I was thinking a screen / divider, but these doors are solid wood, tall and very heavy. Not to mention, my house is not that big. I've already had the suggestion of cutting the window door down and making a table. That's good too, but I'd like to hear some other ideas. What do you think?
Have a awesome weekend!                  

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