Thursday, July 29, 2010

Little late for last weeks show and tell

Alright, I'm knocking down that to do list and this is one of those items to cross off (and add back after I go a' huntin' tomorrow and Saturday. )

What you are seeing in the picture above is the bounty from last weekends treasure hunt. I snagged 4 pillows ( 2 at the very top and 2 at the very bottom of the picture), a oval frame that will get a paint job, a mirror cabinet behind the frame that need to have the mirror replaced ( I've got a few ideas for this one ),
an old suitcase, pom pom fringe chenille bedspread, hot plate trivet,  and a old clothes hamper.

I would declare that all uh, most ok, a couple of these things will find their way to my booth space. But honestly, I am finding it harder to part with some of these things I find lately. That is not particularly good news since the sales have been slim to say the least, making the finds even more challenging so I need all I can get to keep the space up. However, .....   just for a little while I can house it and display it in my home. Oh, you know, just to make sure that it is workable and vintage enough, don't cha' know? ;)


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  2. What wonderful treasures! Love the frames. :-)

    Have a wonderful week ahead!


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