Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Seriously dude, it's only 6 a.m.

I was awoken this morning, uh exactly 6 a.m. this morning, to the sound of men hammering directly over my head. Non stop hammering. Yeah. This noise after hours of tossing and turning trying to get a couple of decent hours of real sleep in. But noooo. The roofers were on the roof. Did I mention they were hammering? At 6 a.m.?

I know that they start early because of the hot, hot sun and unbearable heat later in the day, however....

I went to let my sweet little Tuffy out for her morning bathroom break and neighborhood inspection, and this was directly in front of our steps.

Stuff was going up the ladder and the cable pulling the stuff was slack and noisy, so we went inside toward the back of the house hoping to go out that way.

Well,  I discovered that my two level deck has been completely, shall we say, rearranged by roofers. Clearly, if I never saw the roofers or had any other clue about the situation, I would immediately know that a man or rather a collection of men were in charge of this decorating scheme.  You are only seeing a quick shot of the deck. I would have had to walk out onto the deck to get the really good shots of, uh, well, "stacked" decorating they did on the other side of the deck. But going out there really was not an option. Falling debris and I'm still in my pj's, ok? Nuff said.

I am very thankful that they are here to do such a job as re roof our house, truly I am. I'm thankful that we had insurance that didn't give us a hard time and handed over a check to have this done after the May 2010 Nashville, TN flood rains beat our poor little roof non stop for three days with high wind and hard rains until the poor little roof cried - in the house, all over the house.

So, I guess I'll take my cue from Tuffy and just do what I can and with every sound of the hammer, I'll thank God that there is a house to call my own and it is getting a new "hat" today.

Hopefully, when I'm getting ready to face my day out there in the world after my shower, all these amazing roofers / decorators will all be on the roof and clueless about what is going on in the house : 0

Have a awesome day!


  1. The early start is always the worst part. Hopefully they will be done quickly and you will have a beautiful new (and quiet) roof!

  2. Thanks Lorie for the encouragement! Just got home after making a day long escape and they are still at it--- this is day two for them. Breathe deep, right?! Just kidding. It's all good!

  3. OMG this made me smile. My husband has been remodelling our houses for 17+ years. One of the low points was the morning I woke up (naked) and got out of bed only to find 6 men working on the stucco above our windows. It was quite a show. Never ends around our place. I hope it all turns out well and your new roof is great.


  4. SO are they done? Does your house have a wonderful new hat ? (luv that description by the way) Cute blog :)

  5. Hi Kim,

    Your comment made me laugh as I could tell you totally got mine in regard to being naked. We had quiet a few days of entertainment with these guys around to say the least.

  6. Hi to you Kelly,

    So sorry for the long delays in responding here... been crazy busy in my life lately.... deep breath... ok,
    Yes they are done, yeah!! And yes the had is indeed wonderful. We got the "test rain" today and I am thrilled to report that the leaks we sprang back in May, were not leaking. Major thrill because the biggest leak is/was right over my bed!!

  7. I love your style! It seems like we have a lot in common--the love of "shabby chick", and the farm dream. That's me!!

  8. Hi MameyJane,
    Thank you so very much! I'm blushing but am so happy that you enjoy my style.. gotta have the shabby chick and the farm dreams, right?!
    Thanks so much for visiting, please come back soon!


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