Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Don't fall over - It's a follow up post from this morning...

Yeah, that's right - I did it! I got the front off the radio cabinet - just don't ask how as I am sure my Angels were praying hard and fast over me. Trust me, it was, uh, a little, uh, risk-eh. BUT I did it!

Here is the front "cut loose" from the cabinet.

And here is the front and top after I painted them.

Here is the before of the wall cabinet, bookcase, bench.

Here is the after of them and the previously gold ornate frame that also got a paint job today...

Alright, that does it for me. I just wanted to share the progress of my day with you. So now I am off to shower the saw dust, paint, and I don't want to know what else off of me. Tomorrow I will hopefully finish most of these after a trip to Lowes. Not sure how much will be accomplished tomorrow as I seem to lose all sense of time in Lowes.... ;))

Have a wonderful night - much xoxox's to all.


  1. Hi Ellen.. Im so glad you stopped by to visit my blog.. and thank you for the kind words..
    I alway hope my testimony is an encouragement to others.. Marriage is work, and can be very very difficult ,,but once we learned (individually) that we couldnt do it without God being our main focus,, then it made it do able..What i had to learn was I can not make my husband do everything i want him to do.. and on that day, god is not going to ask me about what kind of husband my husband was,,he is going to ask me what i did with what he put me in charge of..was I a good a good wife, a good mom, a good christian woman.. the rest will all fall in place.with obedience..
    Sorry didnt mean to write a book. but very passionate about what God can do, if given the chance..
    Again.. real nice to meet you .. hope to see ya again real soon

  2. Hi Karen,

    Back at you about your kind words. I am thanking God with you for what Blessings have come into your life and for sharing your faith with a passion.
    Thank you for coming over for a visit and I hope you will come back often.



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