Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dropping in to say hello

I thought I'd try to squeeze in a quick post before my guests arrive, not sure what time that is suppose to be, but here goes none the less. Remember yesterdays post about wanting to rearrange a little? Well, I did get some areas done. Here are the more noted updates. This is the cleared top of my window cabinet I made for my tiny hallway, so pardon all my pictures - working in small spaces here.

And this is what happened after I played around for awhile with some of my old-new favorites:
Here is a full shot from across the tiny hallway so you can see the whole cabinet better, pardon the glare of the lamp, still working on my photography skills;)
Here is the dining room table cleared and ready for "Da Guys" to land. Clear of any "clutter". Yawning..

Now after restraining myself to keep it "guy simple", here it is just slightly dolled up,

Here is a longer shot for a better full view,

and here on the other side of the dining room, the buffet before shot,

This is the after and yes the lampshade is the same, so just imagine it in right proportion to the lamp and hopefully a more neutral color. Not many changes so much as to the top of the buffet, I'll deal with the rest of it later when I have time (she suppresses more snickering...time, what's that?)

Does the chalkboard look familiar? I apparently was so caught up in my mental decorating yesterday, that I actually thought that a large chalkboard would look great over the buffet, too bad I don't have one.... Then I caught myself and had to laugh hard at my absentee thought. Yeah, it was a true "duh moment". I mean, I make chalkboards..... Moving on, here is the Girlfriend radio cabinet now guest room bedside table. Again, remember I have a small house, so work with me here, ok,

I like to keep the guest area on the light side since I expect my guest to bring their own stuff and their stuff needs a place to land. The books however, are humorous and light reading with a vase filled with fresh flowers suitable for the Guy who will be staying in here.
Here is my favorite corner of the living room fluffed up with more "guy like" flowers.
I have to go now as I'm baking  faking my baking of cookies and brownie bites, shush don't tell the guys....   it's Toll House ready made ;)  Well, that does it for us Girls today. Tuffy said to tell you all Hi as she is ready for me to start on her, uh, their cookies.

   Have a great day!



  1. Looks adorable and I love your big chalkboard! Perfect for that space!

  2. Oh Thanks Jess! I so appreciate your encouragement and positive input. To often I just am not sure so it is helpful to have a woman's opinion. Thanks for visiting! Xoxo. Ellen


  3. Ellen,
    I really enjoyed my little visit to your blog. Your home is very sweet, and I enjoyed the humor and wit in your posts! Looking forward to reading more in the days to come! Thanks for taking time out of your day to visit my blog.

  4. Everything looks wonderful Ellen!

    and your puppy is to cute!!

    Kay Ellen

  5. Love your wonderfully sweet vintage home!!! All of your vignettes are so charming!!!
    Hope you are enjoying time with your guests!!

  6. Thank you Karen, Kay Ellen and Vintage Girl at Heart! I love hearing from you and reading your encouraging thoughts you left here to let me know of your visit! No wonder I love reading all of your blogs - you are truly thoughtful and a sheer delight! Come back soon!


  7. It looks great! I love the mirror and chalkboard and that letter "R" - to die for!
    The fake baking - ha ha, love it.
    I think it all looks very weloming!
    Have fun!

  8. Mucho thanks to you Laura Lynn: one for visiting and two; for commenting on my 'stuff'.I actually picked up the mirror and "R" this past june while out to the 400 mile yard sales across Kentucky - that was some serious fun! I thank you for your input and encouragement - it is always welcomed! Come back often to visit!



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