Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Here we go!

Good Morning Everyone!  I had to drop in to say hello and share a few things with all you lovely souls. Remember when I said that I have much going on, well, the above picture is a tiny glimpse of the madness from yesterday. I was so very far behind in inventory, record keeping, my booth - I had to catch up before going out to visit my dear booth that I've neglected these last few weeks.

I was pleasantly surprised when I finally arrived at my booth, to find that it was rather empty compared to how it usually is. Yeah!! I did not  know what I needed to bring to fluff it back up, however,  I spent some time moving things around and adding new smaller items.

I love having a booth! It supports my habit and gives me a great excuse to "hunt".  I am, however, considering a more stream line offering in my booth, just to give myself more definition to my focus rather than a eclectic mix of "whatever" fabulous finds I come across. More challenging, maybe.  But it is only in the consideration mode for now. I would love to hear your thoughts and benefit from your experience.

This is a small quick look at the prized finds from this past Saturday. Under neath the bed spread, lamp, cookbook, is an old unique bookcase.

I am hoping to strip this book case and a few other things today and get back to the refinishing of my furniture before the rain moves in tomorrow.

I'm also hoping to get back to the radio cabinet I showed you a few weeks ago and finish that today.

My overall goal is to plow full steam ahead today, tomorrow and need be, Friday. I need to finish this list once and for all as I have other outside projects coming up and will not have time to do this later. Oh do pray for me! :O

After I left the booth yesterday, I wandered into Marshalls for a quick look. Wouldn't ya know it? I found more yummy pillows!

Don't cha love these ruffles and rosettes!

        Loving the feathers on this one!

          Ok, I have to get out of here and into the mugginess of the Tennessee humidity that we are so famous for - didn't ya'll know, it's not the country music, it's our crazy weather and humidity we are best known for!  Anyway, ya'll have an awesome day!


  1. Your booth looks really fun! I wish I could visit. Keep showing us what you got.

  2. Hi Ms. Confabulicious!

    Thanks for coming to visit and for the encouragement - I sure appreciate that! Come back and visit me often ;) and I will see you later!


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