Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A day off to play at home

It has been rainy since yesterday afternoon. Which on top of already feeling rather blah, I really did not want to do much of anything today - except maybe do some moving stuff around here at home.

I was at my booth yesterday (forgot my camera again) and packed that little space to the rafters.  I had a rather challenging time fitting everything in so that it was not precarious for buyers to see it all without moving to much stuff.

Being there always inspires me to want to clean my house and start with a blank canvas, so to speak, for moving things around here at home.

Sooo, that is what I think I am going to try to work in today. You see, I'm suppose to be the good hostess and clean house today for my bro -in- law and his college age son to be here tomorrow for the weekend. They are taking my husband to a baseball game in Chicago this weekend. Can I get a shout of rejoicing here!?! Oh Yeah! All girls weekend! Ok, that means at least one night and the girls, well, me and my four legged shadow, Tuffy - she's always up for a girls "whatever", just bring food and her bed and she is so in!

Ok, back to the subject at hand, moving stuff around today. I have all the right elements a.k.a decorating treasures, but for some reason, I have been suffering seriously from "duh, whatta I do with dis?" and have fallen into that dreaded creative void.
Part of the problem is that I am the only one here who actually appreciates this kind of "decorating art" if you will. My husband thrives on new and modern. Pleassseee! So not me! I do appreciate that preference - from a distance, with binoculars and knowledge that it is not coming to my house. In all seriousness, I do try to compromise and keep in mind that I have to share this space with a man who is in need of, shall we say, refining? He is actually pretty good about letting me just do what I want in here - he can be trained, yesss!
Currently, I am torn between just really letting summer whites have their last hu-rrah all over the place, or begin that subtle transition to fall which is still a number of weeks away. (did I really just type that word "subtle"? Note to self: look up definition of "subtle".) Oh decisions, decisions.... Any input would be greatly appreciated! Meanwhile, I think I'll just play around and see what happens.
Oh, does this above picture look somewhat familiar? As in the transformed radio cabinet recently? Humm? Yes it is the kissing cousin to said transformed radio cabinet. This is also a radio cabinet that I happen to score this past Saturday while helping my best Girlfriend clean her attic and garage. It was tucked away in a corner, all covered with garage kind of stuff and so not appreciated. I passed it a couple of times and almost had a happy dance right there, BUT I restrained myself and said not a word. Sometime later, my Girl asked if I would like to have it - Are you serious? "Like"? More "like" LOVE" to have it!! So this is now going to be the new bedside table in the guest room. Yeah, that guest room  I am suppose to be cleaning, oh right about now.

Have an awesome day,


  1. Thanks for stopping by, so nice to have you and become a follower, I've returned the favoe:)

    I love the radio cabinet painted white...really pretty and I hope you shoe it in the guest room when your done!


  2. That cabinet is so pretty! Love it and I know it will be beautiful in your home. I so get the "guy" thing too! LOL

  3. Ellen,
    I love your old jars, your silver bowl, your mint julep cup, and that converted radio/bedside table. You have some really neat items to decorate with there. I answered your question about my imagination works in overdrive. The problem with that is I could do a white room, a room with color, a blue room, etc. It is so hard to make up my mind because there are too many choices in there!LOL
    thanks for stopping by.

  4. Oh thank you all for stopping and leaving such awesome notes. I've been trying to answer each one personally but blogger seems to be giving me fits on the comments section. Anyway, thanks and thanks for stopping. Can't wait to go visit you soon! Xoxo Ellen

  5. Oh Ellen, I love this post! You sound so much like me. I have a really good eye finding things but then I'm not good at displaying. I'm a copy cat and proud of it! And when I go to my booth and fix it up I get inspired to clean out my house. My husband just doesn't get it.
    Also, thank you for your sweet comment about Jack. He is at home now and we are trying to keep him down.
    Enjoy your day,

  6. Hi KarenSue!

    Girl, if you were here I would have to hug you 'cause I am a hugger ;)
    I so appreciate you sharing that you relate to my home life. You are so kind. Glad Jack is home- best wishes in keeping him still! I will pop in to see you later.


  7. Hey Ellen.. thank you for stopping by and for the sweet comment.. My body could stand to have a couple of days of "Doing Nothing" but my mind does not want to go along with the program.. it drives me nuts when i see something out of place or that needs to be done.. plus school starts Monday..and I have to be able to drive..thats what i do..
    so praying that i can figure out a way to do it with this cast on... safely..
    Thanks again for stopping by.. hope to have more encouraging post after
    Have a blessed day


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