Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You Girls are the Best!!

I am truly blessed to have awesome women such as all of you! Your responses to my need for decorating input have been outstanding to say the least! Thank you, each and everyone of you!

Not only were the suggestions refreshing and on target, they were simple and creative - I love it! I was amazed at the response in comments and my emails, you are the best, Thank you!
I hope to soon be able to complete that particular decorating project and share, however, I received a phone call today that may very well change a few things in my life within the next few days. It was not a bad call, just unexpected and yet, so like my Heavenly Daddy to be rather timely in answering other concerns.
 Thank you all again. You truly are the best, most thoughtful and helpful women out there.



  1. Ellen,
    First let me apologize for not doing this sooner! Thank you so much for becoming a follower of my blog! I've been snooping around your blog and enjoyed it very much. My husband and I have yet to make it to Nashville! We have tried three times and everytime something happens. One time our axle broke on our van in Beach Grove, TN! So we are a little skittish, but after looking at your post we may have to try it again.

    Love your vignette in this post, especially like the white latern.

    Hope you keep following me, I plan to follow you!

    Elizabeth Ann

  2. Blessings Ellen,
    I too am so at a loss for words at how much Our Daddy loves us. Thanks for being one of the awesome women who have stirred me up to be faithful to the gifts within me. And to be faithful over my writing via the blogging.
    I personally loved the cream soda bottle with the candle in it. It brings back some good memories. Cream soda is one of my old time fav's and in my opinion is one of the greatest beverage inventions out there. Right along with champagne cola. I can't get cream soda here in the UK, so please save me a bottle for when I come to visit :)
    I pray that God's face shines on you today as you enter into His rest
    Love and Peace, Firdancer

  3. Ellen
    Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. I also have to say that your faith is inspirational. About your unexpected phone call...If this helps...I always ask the Lord to help me walk through the doors He's opened for me, and not try to knock down the ones He's closed. I just felt that I was supposed to tell you that!
    Be blessed,

  4. I've enjoyed browsing your blog. Your post are not only lovely but also very inspirational. I love your table vignettes to. Very creative. I will be back. Hugs, Marty

  5. Wow! I love your blog. Your photos are so beautiful and inspiring. I am an artist and my heart smiles to see these.


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