Monday, August 30, 2010

I've been absent because of this little girl

Don't think I've disappeared! I have a very good reason, uh, long list of reasons actually, for my silence in blog world. At the very top of the list, however, is this tiny little baby girl who decided to arrive about two weeks early. After 27 hours of labor, a C-section was finally performed and this tiny baby made her way into our family and waiting arms.

I'd like to introduce you to our newest member of the family born to my stepson and his lovely wife just after midnight on August 27, 2010 , Emma Grace, 6 pounds and 19 inches long.

Isn't she just so precious? A living doll she is. Don't you just love babies, they are  like living dolls aren't they? Everyone is doing well and Emmas' parents are also doing well ;))  So is my absence forgiven now? Thank you...
I promise that very soon I'll make it around to your blogs to catch up with you and your happenings. Just give me a minute day days week to catch up here in my own life. Wait, me catch up??? Sorry, I'm laughing way too hard  in this thought of "catching up" to my own life. Who am I kiddin'!
Ya'll have a wonderful day!!



  1. Oh Ellen.. she is beautiful.. your stepson and his wife must be beautiful people as well
    Congratulations.. and that is a great excuse to have been away..but glad you are back.
    Blessing on your newest member and the rest of your family..

  2. So beautiful! Yes, we love babies around these parts too. I wish I was close by to do pictures for you!

  3. Ellen you are welcome .. And if I can say anything to encourage my new found blogging friends, I am happy.. I have had a rough few years.. and I post the encouraging things for myself as much for my self as well as to you guys.. I learnt a long time ago when my husband and I were separated, it was hard to find anyone who was encouraging, I would talk to a friend (who had the best of intentions) but a lot of times I would leave feeling worse then when i got there.. and I decided then, and asked God to let me be a kind word to people in my life,,cause I was having a hard time finding it in my life.. And so if I have done it at all, you can thank the big guy upstairs..
    but I have to say that I am truly enjoying getting to know you and my other blogging buddies.. you guys are great support systems and everyones post are also encouraging me..
    Have a blessed day my friend.. see ya real soon...

  4. Okay Ellen you are forgiven THIS TIME only!! HA HA! What a beautiful and precious little girl you have to spoil there!! I can see why you have been absent. Babies due around here too so time will tell. Not any of my children until December, but my best friends daughter could be in labor as we speak...she is due Sept 28. Fun times!!

    Squeeze and hug that beautiful Emma Grace for me. I LOVE her name!! {she is the size my babies sweet!!}
    May blessings abound ~

  5. you are so silly......don't ever worry about catching up - we are all busy!! and what you were gone for was more important than any blog :)

    she's beautiful!

    Anne Marie

  6. OH Ellen God bless you and your Bonus son and his wife (that is what I call my step son as he is so much more than just a step he is my bonus)
    Emma Grace is so gorgeous. Funny that the time you were probably praying for your bonus kids I was praying for you. Not even knowing you but looking at the date the 27th I remember distinctly praying for you in particular when I was blogging. The Lord is so good to connect us through such silly thing as a blog (He truly takes the foolish to confound us...)
    Enjoy gramma-ing.
    Oh and thanks so much for the great comment about 'Rockeeta'
    Have a peace filled day, Soroya aka Firedancer

  7. Congratulations on Emma! She is beautiful! What a joy.


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