Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Need your input on this..

Remember this picture from last week and I promised out loud that I would re-do the shelves? Ok, moment of truth, I'm procrastinating again and am working on these shelves for a new look. Some of you ladies have me going on the Fall kick here.. Combine that with our cooler weather in the Mid South which, I know, is only a short lived teaser before the heat and humidity spring back with a fury. But, I am wanting your input as this is as far  as I have gotten today using picnic baskets.


 Do the baskets yell "spring / summer" too much? I know some of you use your picnic baskets year round, but I want to hear your thoughts..ehum, please leave comments as I really am on a creative drain and need a boost.  Thank you so very much for your participation with your input!!

Also, a huge hello to those of you who have "signed" the wall of the Beautiful and Chic!! Yes, I have noticed and am throwing huge hugs and kisses your way! I promise I'll be making my rounds to all of your blogs later and can not wait to read what you have been up to today and I hope you all come back to visit regularly!



  1. Hi Ellen,
    I don't think they scream summer. If you wanted to you could add some pumpkins to the vignette beside a basket and that would settle it as definitely fall! LOL I love to use white pumpkins! Can't wait until I get some this year.

  2. PS I meant those little mini pumpkins that are so abundant when September hits not large ones. I am sure you figured that out though. :)

  3. Hi Ellen thank you so much for the wonderful input you put on my blog I really needed that today.
    I had an awesome day with so many divine connections including your message on my blog at the start of my day. I was on such a high.
    Then I came home to a minor and I mean minor irritation that made me feel like a total air head. I forgot to remind my son to stay home for our grocery delivery and so they sent it back to the store.And I got a charge for it. WAAAH WAAAH
    I know how silly that may sound for something so trivial to reduce me to a bundle of tears but it did. So I did the only natural thing to do when frazzle, Blog.
    Then I remembered your wonderful comment and read it again and just wanted to say thank you.
    I knew immediately when I signed into your blog that you were a divine connection sent from the Lord when I saw the sunflower.
    I love the Sunflower it is My Flower as several years ago a hybrid Sunflower was given my name (slight spelling difference)
    Seeing it on your blog made me know that this was another divine connection. Thanks and now as my emotion is past {even though I did let it have me a little I broke the relationship} I am reminded of all the blessings of today.
    I look forward to reading more of your heart bleeps and getting to know you more.
    Blessings and Prayers, Soroya aka Firedancer

    PS I love the baskets and yes am one of those who thinks that they should be around all the time.

  4. PPS
    I just read the psalm for the day THANK YOU

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  6. I love what you call your Followers 'The Beautiful and Chic" I feel honored. {{xxx}}

  7. Dear Sandi- i am loving the idea of the white pumpkins!! Had not thought of that, what a fab-u touch that would be. Baskets, pumpkins, yes I can see that working. Thank you!!


  8. SS Firedancer,

    You are so sweet to leave a comment that has left me weepy and that is a good thing;) Thank you for your kind words and noticing the sunflowers, daily verses-of which I am glad helped your spirit, and my Wall of Beautiful & Chic persons!
    I hope that you day is going better and the minor bump in your road is ok now. I'll be over to visit you in a bit and so appreciate your visit and joining in here!
    Thanks too for the vote for the baskets! I like them too and it's good to be encouraged with the year round thing too.


  9. Ok Ellen,,my suggestion is leave the basket and add some Sunflowers, or fall color plaid napkins coming out the sides..
    It looks really cute either way.. love the color of your wall.. will play in real good with the fall theme..
    I too am chomping at the bit to change up to fall theme on my blog. I live in Fla so its not really a "Fall" place,, nothing changes color, but it is still one of my favorite seasons to decorate for..
    Thanks for the sweet comments you left on my blog.. I look forward to becoming good blogging friends..
    God Bless...

  10. Hi Ellen, thanks so much for stopping by...I'd use the picnic baskets all year long if I had them!


  11. Thanks again Ellen it was soo very nice to get your lovely note this evening.
    I agree with Karen that Sunflowers would be a nice addition.
    Blesings from Yur Blog Sista Soroya

  12. I love the baskets - all year round. What a cute vignette - I'm loving both of them but I really like that 2nd basket! Just add some fall color and you're set. I agree with Sandi - I love to use white mini pumpkins. I grow them every year just for decoration!


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