Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Friday

While the rain is falling outside against my new roof (so far, so good) and I can't go to any yard sales, I am trying to get a few quick things done around the house and pop in to say "hi and Happy Friday" to everyone. My crazy over packed schedule is about to come to an end and as I write this  I am suppressing laughter. I mean, truly, is my schedule not always to full?! I literally can go to bed with next to nothing planned for the next day and as soon as I wake up it seems to have mysteriously filled up with all kinds of "must do now" projects.
Just a few weeks ago before I made the soon to end commitment, I only had literally 3 furniture projects that I could do with fair easiness. I would have been done by now. But I could not pass on this outside project that required a daily commitment for the past three weeks. So now I am so far behind in other things. Oh well. This is so not new for me. :)) Ok, I see the time and have to go so I will not be late in my arrival to finish out the last days of my commitment. Ya'll have a wonderful day!


  1. Hi Ellen! Thanks so much for following me! Your blog is gorgeous I loove the photos! :)

  2. Hi Kirsty
    Thank you for the sweet thoughts and encouragement. Do come back and see me.

  3. Hello Ellen, the endless to do's, the ones we can't wait to get started on (projects-crafting) and then the laundry-dinner. I got a mile high one too-

    And heck no mama joe- on the roofers-
    Glad you stopped by my blog- I am a new follower of you my friend.

  4. So glad your new hat is working out for you! It would totally suck if all that racket and raucous was for nothing! Yep, busy ladies all around....


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