Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Be your own Unique Self

Ever have one of those days when creativity is not so easy and you feel like your lost in a crowd of other wandering souls, your projects look like other peoples finished projects?  Ok, sure at times that is the goal, but other times you want the end result to reflect more of your own talent and not someone else. In the end your project just seems to be missing that "unique something"? Yeah, I have that too.  It's not always a simple fix to  browse through other peoples creativeness and find inspiration.

Often times, I have to escape to the outside of myself and look closer at my own talent and dreams from another angle. I have to actually put my hands on a source of inspiration or stand directly in front of what ever chippy object of desire I can find to stir up those dreams and talents I have. Other times I have to reflect on the true end result of whatever it is that I am trying to accomplish.
In our days of hurry up and wait society, it is so easy to be pulled into too many other directions that eventually causes something along the way to be sacrificed. Some things that should never be sacrificed however, should be first, Time with your Heavenly Father, after all He gave you the talent and dreams. Second should be your special someone and family, and don't forget about time for yourself - we all have to have that time of restoration. We also need time to reflect on the amazing fact that we are all different people. What a boring world this would be if we were all alike. Father made each of us unique and special. That in of itself, is simply amazing when you consider the billions of souls on this planet.
After these and near by, should be your dreams and pursuit there of. Never let go of your dreams, always keep hope alive by feeding your faith and starving your doubt. Surround yourself with the ones you love and what you love. Always keep your heart open to catch all the amazing things and joys that life, your Heavenly Father has for you and watch it come out in the pursuit of your dreams and talents.  Have an awesome day and remember to be your own unique self!

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