Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Friday!!

Well, we made it to another Friday - WooHoo! This has been a busy week with lot's of coupon shopping. I have discovered a whole new web world of sites that will take you by the hand and show you exactly how to shop weekly sales at local drugstores, discount stores and grocery stores and they even match the coupons to the sale items. I have been searching for sites that are very informative to this nature and I found them! Lots of them! This is probably old news to those who have been making use of these sites for some time, but for me, it's new and very timely. We live off of one income and sadly we have debt that trails behind us which is old - from back in the not so long ago days of when we both worked. However, I have been putting my new found coupon knowledge to work and have already saved enough to make some of those nasty monthly payments! Thank You Lord!! It is time consuming, I will not kid you. In fact, it is like a part time job, but the way I see it, it is my job to save money. I am working toward saving enough in the area of groceries and household items every month that the savings will pay for a hunk of my personal monthly debt. That's the goal at least. I'm on track and am most grateful to be. I've already bought Christmas presents for several family members and have only spent a very small amount thanks to the timing of placing my orders for the very things I was thinking of getting them anyway. I have been so consumed with this coupon game that I have not had time to visit any of the local yard sales which are few and far between now that we are in October and rainy. So I don't think I'm really missing out in that area. I did make it to Old Navy earlier this week. It was a very good trip. I was able to snag a pair of yoga pants for $2.50, regular price was $19.50 (which I can wear as casual wear) and a fleece zipper front jacket for $5.00, both items were in the clearance rack and exactly what I had been looking for! Tonight, hubs and I went out to eat, with two coupons of course. Then a stop at Starbucks for the taste challenge -free and each of us received as a thank you for taking the challenge, a coupon for a free coffee. Then home to watch our Redbox rentals. Cheap night out for pennies on the dollar and we actually had a good time. If you are interested in the coupon game or want to learn how to really make those coupons you've been clipping work better for you, start at southern savers ( ) and also check out Also click on the other sites listed all through out these two sites. You'll learn a lot about how to get the most out of your coupons and really save money. You just have to readjust your menu planning kind of thinking. I used to shop with menus planned and it cost me a fortune. Now I shop according to sales with coupons so I have no idea from night to night what's for dinner, but it's all good! Have a awesome weekend!

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