Monday, October 4, 2010

Just a Girl and her power tools

The other day when I posted the story about covering my cherry dining room table, I realized that I have new readers who do not know something very important or not, about me. I have power tools. All of the the needed power tools to make furniture. See the table saw up there to the right of the picture? Yeah, that is mine and has been for oh, I think 11 years ago when Husband Mark bought it for me.
Uhumm. So here is a quick tour of some of the furniture 'n stuff I've made over the years.

 Not the rocker, but I have made a number of children's chairs and tables.

 This bed was my first piece. I made it with a drill and skill saw. That was all. Not one screw or anything metal in this bed. All mortise and wood dials. My own custom design too.

So that is the quick tour of my stuff and woodworking abilities. I am showing you this instead of what I got in KY last week. I had already put everything away in the black hole of the inventory room and then I thought "pictures of stuff", but it was too late. So sorry. I'm not so great with the camera some days.
Hope this was an ok substitute!



  1. Okay I am officially shutting down my blog now!! ROFL!! I can't believe you Ellen! YOU GO GIRL!! My hubby makes all the wood stuff around here. Did you ever take any woodworking classes are are you just a natural? I am blown away!!

  2. Wow, is all I can say, wonderful that you have the power tools and the know how to use them!

  3. Aren't power tools fun! I just have a drill, but lots can be done with a drill. If I had a table saw the house would be mess.

    You have made some awesome pieces!


  4. You go girl! Way to be handy with the power tools. Your projects look great! Keep up the good work.

  5. Look at you go!
    I love it :)

    Kay Ellen

  6. YOU ROCK!!!! I can't believe all the stuff you made. I still have my 8th grade shelf I made - does that count??? Hahaha
    I am really impressed. You are awesome!

  7. Hi Sweet Sista,
    I too love power tools MORE POWER LORD glad to see you are back in action the last I heard you were not feeling well. Just know I am here praying for you tap at me when you get a breather. Did you ever get my last email if not check spam I wrote about a week or two now.
    BLessings and Love, Firedancer

  8. Wow, I was impressed with the table, but now seeing all of your creations...I'm speechless!
    Well, that is not ever entirely true, I like to talk. ;)
    Love them all. You should be designing, creating, and selling too! Wonderful.

  9. WOW Ellen I didnt know you were so handy... I knew you were a good shopper, but didnt know you could make enough stuff to become your own
    that is beautiful items.. Darn , why do we have to live so far away from each other.. lol
    You go girlfriend.. keep using those power tools....

  10. Oh my are awesome...I love all of your fabulous creations...and with power tools!

    Today is my first visit to your blog...I so look forward to visiting again soon!

    I am having a fun "double giveaway" and hope you might pop over! I am enjoying browsing your past posts too!

    Warmly, Carrie

  11. Thanks Ellen for stopping by,

    Yes, busy or should I say full is my middle name. I love a full life....

    Sooo glad you got the "Wrestling Prayer" book. Is it life changing or what? Now you have to go back and let it sink in. I have practically the whole book highlighted! We are now reading it as a family on Sabbath. My kids are really getting a greater understanding of deep prayer. It has been life changing for them.

    I was at your place yesterday and couldn't get my comment to post...think my computer was having issues...

    You have some amazing pieces that you have created! My honey is the power tool man, give me sandpaper and I can make a real mess!

    Be blessed this weekend and don't try giving your husband a haircut with those power tools. :)



  12. Sheesh! I almost missed this one! A girl w/ power tools and she KNOWS how to use them. I am impressed!! I'd love to do some more woodworking this winter. I set my sights too high though.. a Hoosier cabinet. Really?? Methinks we should wait a while on that one :) You have inspired me to keep it up and learn some new techniques! -Tammy


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