Friday, October 1, 2010

KY Roller Coaster Yard Sales Event

Yesterday was the first day of KY's Roller Coaster Yard Sales Event that winds around for over 150 miles into TN. I was up and gone before the sun had risen so the above picture is after the sun began to rise on my way to KY.
Once off of the interstate and onto the right "highway", this curvy winding, up and down

over the dell we go kind of ride began, hence the name - Roller Coaster. It was rather fun, at least, for the first 6 or so hours of it.. 

Finally I arrived at the first yard-to-yard-to-yard-to-yard sales. It was yard to yard on both sides of the street and continued this way throughout KY.

one view of the same area.

another view of the same area... getting the idea?

Here are a few things I found (but left there for someone else).

It was an event for all ages. This older man rode around on his little motor scooter checking the sales. He was just too cute.

Then back to the truck to curvy, wind around, 

up and down road through some more dells..

The scenery through the country side was really picturesque. 

I almost expect Grandpa Jones and LuLu to pop out of the cornfield!
This is Freedom, KY I think... lots of small towns...lots of names... 

some more of my finds that I left just for someone else to have and to hold.

Back into the truck. Repeat. And repeat all day long.

Here at last is the sunset through my now bug splattered windshield. Overall, it was quiet an event to experience.

Thanks for riding along with me. I wish you all a wonderful weekend filled with peace, laughter and joy.


  1. Ok Ellen, next year I'm tagging along with you! ;) I think I might stand right behind you, and pick up those things you kindly left for the other folks. Glad you enjoyed yourself. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Oh Ellen! What a day. Did you buy anything and would you do it again?
    I have always wanted to go to this but thought I would have to bring a large truck.
    Enjoy your weekend friend!

  3. This looks like heaven! I have always wanted to do this but I live so far, sniff sniff...
    Have a great day!!

  4. Hey sista..
    why do you have to live so far away.. I would so be right by your side at these events..
    well have a good time and think of me when you buy something
    love to ya soon
    if you are on fb look me up Karen Turner Long

  5. Fun times Ellen! Thanks for taking us what DID you get??

  6. I am with the other girls, we want to see what YOU got!


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