Wednesday, September 16, 2009

All Done, now breathe

Whew! It's been a whirlwind around here in the last several days. So much cleaning, organizing (at least the most visible and probable areas until I can get to it later), and shopping. All in the name of being a hospitable hostess to our out of town in-law guest due to arrive any moment actually.

Lot's of food has been bought, house is clean and the roast is coming along nicely in the crock pot, maybe now I can just focus on....well, ok, I'm not sure how to finish that sentence because I always have something going on. In fact, as I was running full steam while cleaning yesterday, amongst the several hundred other little errands I performed, I was also making yet another "to do" list for after our guest leaves.

Is there no end to these lists? I have said for years that work was an interruption to my real life as I had enough to do all on my own to keep several people busy all the time. I was not kidding then and am even more serious when I say that now. Where does the time go so quickly?! It seems that no matter how early I get up, load up on the coffee and energy food, I seem to be getting less and less accomplished these days as the time slips away faster and faster. No, it's not an age thing. It is without a doubt, a time thing. I think quiet a bit of it is when I leave the house I am slowed down tremendously by traffic, traffic, everywhere traffic. On the roads, in the parking lots and in the stores. Being able to make a very quick and simple trip within a couple of miles from home has now become the subject of debate as to whether it is really needed at that moment or can it wait.

Anyway,  one of my other on going list has been Christmas Gifts. Yeah, I know, I'm behind. However, we are planning on keeping it really simple this year. For me that means that I have to really think through the gift idea for each person and make the most of it. Something they will actually like and perhaps use and appreciate. For some people on my list it is an easy task, for others, notsomuch. Well as I always say, it always works out in the end so why worry.

The alarm is sounding family pooch is barking terribly. Our guest must be here! Take care and have a awesome day!!

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