Monday, September 21, 2009

It's raining coupons and sales!

It was a most excellent weekend for grocery shopping with the coupons as our local Harris Tetter had triple coupon days happening. See all that stuff to the left? After my coupons were applied, I was only out of pocket $17.20! It would have been better if I had some of the higher priced coupons, but considering that the coupons totaled $48.20 and the sale prices saved was $18.34 for a total of $66.54 saved, it's not a bad day. But it didn't stop there. I spent less than $30.00 of my total weekly grocery budget, mostly perishable items. All thanks to coupons matched to sales.  I have used coupons for years and seem to have trouble doing as well as the coupon mom who buys hundreds of dollars of stuff for pennies on the dollar. I could not figure out what was her real secret to this. Then I recently discovered a gem of a site called southern savers. Taa dah! She holds your hand in throughly explaining store coupon policies and does all the matching of coupons to sales for you. I've been using her site for three weeks now and now have an awesome surplus of stock piles unlike I've ever had. From her site I have discovered many other similar sites. It is wonderful to whack down the high cost of groceries and truly help our budget by not spending so much on the necessities of life. I wish I had pictures of all the awesome buys I've had, but forgot to take pictures until after I put everything away. Nonetheless, trust me, the bounty of such insight is a delight to behold! Now if this stuff would just make dinner by itself....

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