Saturday, September 12, 2009

Instant Gratification, why did I wait so long?

It's amazing all the things I think about when company's a'coming! For a very, very long time I have drooled over all things monogrammed. I just love that look on things such as pillows, bags, notepaper, yada, yada. Anywhoo, I was in Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago just wandering aimlessly to see what was new there and I came across the iron on stuff. Not that I was unaware of such a great new avenue, I just had not really thought about how to put this to use for my love of monogrammed stuff. I know, duhhh.  So, check out what I've done: See the "blank" hand towel over there?  Yeah, real yawnsville, right? But wait and check out what I did with that little bitty iron on initial!! I ironed it onto the "blank" hand towel. It took me all of less than a minute and viola!! Monogrammed towel!!
Wanna see it hanging in the bathroom, just waiting for our guest to arrive in a few days?  Okay, here you go! Nice, huh?! 
Now I am off to see what else I can iron for monogramming purposes. Wonder if Hubs would notice if I monogrammed this computer mouse, or maybe his tv remote, the toilet seat.....

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